Monday, September 20, 2010

Where are the old posts?

I was grounded due to sickness last week and got time to think about things.

  • Who is important to me?
  • What is important to me?
  • What do i want to do in SL?
  • What do i not want to do in SL?
I have read through my blog, some entries were amusing, some nice, others simply no longer valid. People come and go, they enter my life and leave it again. 

I think, i can say, my SL is wonderful and nice. I have very loyal friends, who even support me when i thought already they have long forgotten about me. With Glint, many call it their home, and even when we struggle about the "how", we keep it running and i keep getting support in many ways.

Who is important to me?
I could list names. Of friends who supported and support me. But as soon as i do that, i am 100% sure, i will forget to mention some. And these will hurt. That, i do not want. So, no names. Except three:
Ava, Jarethe, vb.
And all others, you know who you are and i am sure you understand my reason why you are not listed with names here. I just counted, it would easily be more than 30 names.

What is important to me?
That my friends know that i value them, that my love knows, i love her.

What do i want to do in SL?
I want to enjoy my time. I want to script further on the MA HUD. And i want to develop other gadgets. Also i want to have nice, really nice, roleplay.

What do i not want to do in SL?
Endure boring RP or talk endlessly OOC stuff. Really. That is what drives me away most. RP partners who mistake me as girlfriend, who, after one session IM me with "kisses"....ewwww... or Roleplay, which is all about being nice and stuff, at a location like Dark Den.
Earlier, i got all annoyed about it. It spoiled my day. I will change that. If someone is dense, i will walk away. 

What will be here in this blog?
Not sure yet.

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