How to fight griefers

Rule number 1: Don't panic!

Go to the sim, where the griefing takes place. First task is, to throw them off sim. Here is how:
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  1. Menu World
  2. Region Details
  3. In the Tab "Estate" at "Banned Residents" -> Add
  4. Select all names that are concerned. When ready, anotehr window will pop up, select there "All Estates" - Done
Now the miscreants are gone. Lets take care of their garbage:

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Make sure you have the autoreturn option enabled:
  1. Menu "World"
  2. Parcel Details
  3. Tab "Objects" - Autoreturn set to 1
Stay in that window and let their objects die this way:
  1. Switch to the tab "Options"
  2. Move the Checkbox at "build" from "Everyone" to "Group"
Now Autoreturn will take care of the issue and after 1 minute you have peace

There are faster ways, i know. But this works if you want to be careful.


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