Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Colour Factory

Accidentally i came across this small jewel of art. A gallery, live music, friendly folks, all in all a very relaxing spot and a joy for the eye:

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Go there!

Start of the show
I wanted to take more pictures, but  i forgot, as it was one of the nicest things i have seen ever and pictures won't do justice anyway...

The calendar where you can see the events starting is here:

I was at "not a knot" and will make it a point to watch the others too.


Thursday, November 10, 2011


Received a 1star rating, and followed it up...
the dialog stands for itself, i wil not comment on it further...

Me:: and why do you want your money back?
Customer: becaz i dont want to have a baby nomore becaz my hubby cheated
Customer: so now im returin all the baby stuff
Customer: ect
Me:: and.. uhm.. that is my fault how?
Me:: you know...
Me:: i am working hard, ...
Me:: and the HUD works
Me:: and you can get a baby with another man
Me:: whatever
Me:: but giving me 1 star is like,you blame me for your fate
Me:: is that fair?
Customer: well i dont want the item nomore
Me:: ok, but that is not my fault, you can delete it then, can you not?
Me:: i mean, i am providing here a service
Me:: and you can use it later or not
Customer: i was mad immma rate it but then i have to get my money back
Customer: no i dont want to use it later
Customer: becaz im gay now
Me:: and.. sorry.. but..
Me:: how is that my life?
Me:: i mean
Me:: i did sell you a HUD
Me:: and this is not a game, you bought something
Me:: can you go and buy a car in RL
Me:: drive with it
Me:: and give it back just so?
Customer: well yes if the owner of the car have a reason   not to drive it becaz the parner is not there nomore and now the onwer is gay
Customer: then she will want to refun the car


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