Saturday, September 22, 2012

Snow Crash soon a movie?

I missed these news and picked them up a bit late, they are already from June 2012. But it does look like Paramount plans to make a movie out of the novel Snow Crash.
If you ask yourself now why these news are worth a note in this blog, then go please and search for yourself for the book. And, i would suggest, read it :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It is time for some history again

I digged in my collection of old pictures and here are examples of what i found:

my first day in SL back in August 2007
The location still exists!

I had a skybox at this time...
September 2007
And, i have of course no idea what these cages in the back have been good for...

Above the skybox, i raised then another one, for public access:

Dark Den, December 2007, the first version!
That location is now better known as PRG. The sim "Glint" i have sold this year.

Spring 2008. a view with "sources", the name tags of the bystanders are blurred for their privacy :)
The above picture shows the view into the opposite direction. However, i liked to build, so we went on with the Dark Den...

Spring 2008
This was the first biger change, not quite a rebuild. And it is still not sure, who really shot this slave, we named him "strapon", he did not last long.

More to come... 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Porn vs. Erotic, Naked vs. Nudity

On occasion *cough* i travel also to adult sites within SL. A really big turn off for me is, when those places are decorated with RL porn pictures. And this for several reasons. If i wanted for example to see RL porn, i could easily do so within my browser, whatever video channel or tons of other means, that would not require me to load my SL viewer, and to teleport to a location.
Also, it kills the fantasy. Many RL porn pictures are just that. Porn. And the few "erotic pics" then just also show RL erotics, the same applies as for porn: why go to SL for a RL picture? it defeats the purpose to me.
SL is not "more" than RL, but "different". One can unfold fantasies that are not possible in RL. And enjoy beauty, structures, ideas, that one can not see in RL. Same applies of course vice versa. I have yet to see a smelling flower in SL. That is only RL, for example. As many other things are too.
However, if i am in SL, i want to experience it as immersed as possible. And so i walk into a gallery and see... RL pictures.
I am glad, that i found via another blog a gallery that hosts an artist with SL erotic pictures. Well, actually the S-URL in that blog did not work, so i had to extract first the location of the gallery from the curators profile, and then guess the correct altitude.

It seems to be more than one gallery. On arrival at this spot: i saw one gallery with very nice pictures, like this example here:

Guessing then the correct location for the gallery that was discussed in the other blog i landed here:
And there is a very different style of pictures, one example:

There is a ton more to see, and its an example of art in SL, that proofs, one can make really beautiful erotic pictures, within SL. I hope, to see more of that.

Thank you to both artists!

And to my dear readers: visit, now.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

And again rating on Marketplace

It seems to be a new trend, that some customers rather rate on marketplace than contacting the creator directly. Now i had on September 5 a rating of 1 star because a HUD was not delivered. And yes, it is stated in my profile what to do in case of non deliveries. And yes, LL removes such ratings upon request.
However, i checked the account, was not even one month old, so i took my time and explained politely the cause. And replaced the item. In the aftermath, i realized, that the replaced item was accepted, the rating was removed, but i never got any response. Not even a "Thank you" - nothing. Just silence.
OK, happens. Today then i receive an IM from said person. That the item does not work. It arrived when i was sleeping.
When i woke up, i tried to IM the customer. Nothing. No response. But, again a 1 star rating. Which has been placed even before i was IMed. Calling my HUD "shit".

Some people....

Monday, September 10, 2012

OMG - we will die.. all of us!

yes. sure, we will.. one day. not today tho, i guess. However, following the comments in some tech-blogs about Second Life, then LL has now done the worst thing they ever could do.. they changed the Jira....

Uhm.. wait.. the Jira.. what was that again?

Before the change, the Jira was a tool, where everyone could see any bug reported about Second Life (save the security flaws which could be used for exploits). So, if one ran into a problem, it was always a good step, to check first in the Jira, whether other people also ran into the same problem and if there was also a workaround.

An example how that works, can be found here: Jira Entry

You can see, someone is reporting a bug, and then others give comments to it.

Now, this tool is closed. The old reports are still visible as of yet, but new reports will only be visible to those who reported them and to Linden Lab. Not to the audience anymore. According to a lot of people  this is like the end of the world. Or for sure, at least another malicious move to seal the fate of Second Life. Or, if not malicious, then, it must have been again Rod who did not understand anything about how to talk to their users or clients.

I doubt that any of the above is true. The Lab does not reason out things, so one can only guess. And as many love to guess, or assume, now, my 2c on this matter as guess:

Some say the rude and impolite behavior of some users was too much for the support team to deal with.  And well, yes, customer service can be stress, if the customer thinks they can behave really bad and the response team has to be always polite. If you want to see yourself, what attitude some people use in the Jira, follow this link - and add in the "Query" field some bad words, like shit or fuck. You will be astonished, for sure.
However, i doubt that is a reason. Because, the people at the Lab are professionals. They get paid for doing their job, and they do their job. Much like any other employee too. Going emotional with them is just futile because, for them, working at the Jira, and fixing bugs, is a job like repairing a car. And yes, granted, working for "Linden Lab" and in "Second Life" has some more aura than being the car repair mechanic at Joe's Garage - for some. It highly always depends on what the individual wants. Just because you think the job at the Lab is like paradise does not mean, they have to share that opinion. Maybe they would as well work in Joe's Garage.

Now let us look at those 'reasons' like, they do not understand SL, they just break things, etc.
Not true, simple as that. Again, they do their job. And be honest to yourself, compare SL with other 3D environments. Which one is most stable and has most concurrent users and a working economy?
That is not "just so". That is because they run SL like a company project. If they really would not understand how to run a project, SL would have died already years ago. And just because they do not react to each and every wish we have, does not mean they ignore us.

In my guess, they closed the "Publicity" mainly for one reason: all competitors were able to see the issues with the software, like viewer and server, and compare to their own issues. The Jira was, as side effect, also a resource for those companies who want to compete with SL. Or, in other words, LL was feeding them knowledge for free. And i can understand, if this is not what an investor would like to see.
But, it is a guess, just my 2c. I have no idea about the real cause. To me, this makes more sense as reason tho.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


When a really talented producer makes a machinima, this can be the outcome:



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