Wednesday, September 28, 2011

HUD stuck? part II - the odyssey continues

Please now, everyone who has a HUD (and, really, this is then the absolute exception, most HUDs run just fine): now there is a ticket in the so called "Jira", where Lindens can keep track of errors.
So, please go to this website:
It describes the error.
Add a comment. The comment should include:
The viewer you are using
the region you noticed that the HUD crashed

Please do this ONLy if these points are true for you:

  1. You are using the female HUD
  2. the female HUD was working fine already for you for some days
  3. your female HUD stopped responding to clicks, simply so, from one moment to the next.
Do NOT use this link for any other issues you might have with the HUD.

Thank you for your support.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Inworld shopping vs. Marketplace

Sometimes, one finds really dedicated designers of fashion. They run a blog, have free  group gifts, list items in Marketplace, their inworld shop is of decent design, their stuff is of good quality, for a fair price. Last friday then i came across a blog entry of one of my favorite designers, that she closes her location.
While one can say on one hand, that this is business, i think, this is not a nice development. The designer mentioned above will now offer her items on the marketplace. Which is a shark pool.
The option, that clients can rate items was meant well, for sure. But what does one find more than often? Quality stuff rated poorly, like 1 star, because the buyer did not understand what they bought or just did not like the design how it was made, personally. Or, lets face it, just wanted to bitch. I myself have collected enough experiences of the bad sorts at Marketplace that i tend to not pay so much attention to the "stars" given to a product anymore.
I even found top notch freebie items, that received a 1 star rating.. with reasons like "the delivery failed". On a freebie, 0L$. Yes.
Today, i thought, when i look now for a new outfit, i will again go shopping inworld. It takes more time, yes. But well.. if i simply accept that soon all is on the marketplace, then i will soon miss the next good shop inworld... recognize the work, those creative people put in to make your experience in SL more colorful.. buy inworld.

Just my 2 cents

Monday, September 26, 2011

HUD stuck?

At the moment it seems, that in the Grid there is some kind of bug, as the very reliable Female HUD fails to stop working on a very selected few people. It is less, far less, than 1%, but still a bugger. If you encounter this problem:

  • HUD works absolutely fine 
  • Suddenly, after TP or relog, it does not accept any touch/click anymore and stays silent
then please help us and LL to find out the cause. To do so, please go to this link: (eventually you need to login to that website).

Fill out as follows:
What type of problem are you having?
Technical Questions

Technical Questions
Scripting Issues


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