Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wishlist for 2013

Life is good. I don't really need a wishlist, at the moment. But in 2012 i found some things occurring more often than before - or maybe it is just my perception, i don't know. So, life is really good, but could, in SL even get better with these:

1. Less arrogance - more tolerance

Arrogant and insisting people are griefers of the social sort. Denying the right to a different opinion is bad. And continuously doing the wrong thing is bad too. Often not meant bad, but laziness  Being lazy is bad tho as well. Stop being lazy. If things need to be changed, change them.

2. Pick entry "My IMs get capped" should vanish

Seriously. If you want your IMs forwarded to e-mail, it is just one click in your settings. And yes, i know, e-mail forwarding does not work with many services. But it works 100% with gmail. So: get a gmail account and connect it to your SL account and have your IMs forwarded. You can even then reply while being off-world. How cool is that?

3. Stop whining the "SL world will end!"

Really. I should stop reading these whining blogs. Where every breath LL does is interpreted as "the end is near". I can see why LL stopped communicating on many channels. Because, it does not matter what they say, they are criticized. But if you look around and compare SL with other grids, you will see, that this here is the most stable and best performing platform among the virtual worlds. And yes, it has bugs, of course. What has not?
Go, compare it with other grids. And stop telling yourself fairy tales like "it is there as good as here". Because it is not. Either the worlds there are not as stable and feature rich as here, or the content is lacking on a large scale, or both.

4. "No drama" or "i am a bitch" pick entry, or also the "missing pony O-legs" or these overly pouty faces - please, go away

I check profiles before i answer IMs. When i read "no drama" it makes me just want to go out for a walk first, before i reply. Because in 9 out of 10 cases, these ones are the ones who are the drama on legs. Paired with that o-legged shape where a pony or a hippo could walk through, and lips where the corners reach down to the knees make the picture perfect.

5. Please adjust to new viewers

Finally, really, Firestorm told, they cant develop Phoenix any longer. And what do they earn? a shitsstorm in comments in their own blog. You read this right: Volunteers, who worked hard, spending their sparetime, for giving viewers for free, are receiving a shitstorm when they say, they reached their limit, capacity, in workload. I cant even express in words how gross that is. Instead of appreciating that there are people doing all this hard work they receive this treatment? Something is seriously wrong there. 

What would you add to this list? 

Monday, December 10, 2012


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