Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just a note of things how to NOT start a roleplay

I write this down, so i can copy and paste the link as reply.. and whoever wants to do likewise, feel free...

Example 1:
He: Hi YT, what is up? (or also: "what are you doing here?" "what brings you here?" "What are you up to?"
If you IM me, then do not ask me what is up or what i am up to. have a plan. Or at least a pretty good idea. Remember: you started the conversation, asking me then what is up, is pretty much pointless.

Example 2:
He: Hi, wanna have some fun?
No. I am in SL to bore my ass off. facepalm is the only answer i can give to that question, really.

Example 3:
He is not anywhere nearby me, not even on the same sim. But he had spend time with me in the past. And is now bored. So, he IMs me remotely "Hi, what are you doing?"...
Get this: it is roleplay! i am most of the times in character and NOT equipped with any wondermagic device or a cellphone IC. If you want to spend time with me, move your sexy self to where i live. YOu know where to find me. And a TP is as much effort as an IM.

To be continued as the need arises

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guide to nice pictures

Today, a short guide how to get a picture taken in SL, with nice results. Such an instruction set can never be complete, and so i encourage everyone to add hints and tips and tricks as comment to this blog post.

The pose
You want reproducable results. So, it is a bad idea to simply let your AO run. Most likely it will loop through various animations. Best is to get a stand or a poseball that you like. If you want to make your own, there are tools for that, in SL, like Animare. (yes i made that :P )

The snapshot function
For the current workshop, i am using a pillow from Pillow talk, that is rezzed at Nayeli.
snapshot button
I am using Viewer 2. From here then the snapshot button which opens the snapshot preview:
Make sure, that you have enabled "Save to my computer" (1)
To see more options, there is a button called "more" (2)
And each time you make changes in this window, the screenshot needs to be refreshed before saving (3)

If you have activated the button "more" the window looks like this:

So, we start out like this:
click to enlarge (this goes for all pictures here in this post)
So you see, pretty much a boring picture. and it is way too big. For profile pictures, blogs and most other options, this size is way too large. So, first what we will do is reduce the picture size. The snapshow preview window has settings for that.
Size: 800 x 600
Click to enlarge, to see the difference to the first picture
This picutre is smaller, but still, somehow boring.

Simple math
A common way to drag attention of the eye more to the picture, is the 3/3rd way. We will now cut the picture into three imaginary pieces, in length. Then the main motive should rest on the axis between 2nd and 3rd part.
These lines have been added manually, they are not part of the SL snapshot option

The same without these helping lines:

To get your camera aligned properly, Second Life offers a panel in the viewer:

Another example:
Wrong, because the person is in the center.

Here now again 2/3rd rule applied
And the result

So far, so.. ok. Not good yet. Next stop:
It depends what you want to picture. For any kind of face photography, straight light onto the face is bad. The profile of a face is what makes it unique. Now, how can one change light?
There are two ways:
The fast way is via the menu:
We have preset: Sunrise, Midday, Sunset and Midnight. All the previous pictures have been taken with "Midday". Now here the results with the three others:

You see, three times the exact same picture, only light varies. But there is more...
Menu World - Sun - Environment Editor opens...
The Environment editor, and here we go to "Advanced Sky". Then we find "Sky Presets" (red circle)
Play with these, but also have a look there then at Lightning, Sun/Moon Position.

The following video shows it:


Friday, May 20, 2011

Questions and Answers to the machinima and photography contest

Why do you want the movie or the pictures to be taking place (at least partly) in Nayeli?
Because we want them made for this contest. Not some old stuff that you recycle.

Can i rezz stuff for the movie or picture contest?
Autoreturn is set to two minutes, if you need more time, talk to us, we can arrange something.

Can i participate in both disciplines, machinima and picture?

Do i need to use a Mama Allpa HUD during the contest?
No. But in your movie description when you upload it, the sentence "Mama Allpa machinima contest" shall appear

I am an actress, an actor, do i get a prize too?
The contest jury will award the machinima as a whole and the prize will go to the creator of the machinima, to the person, that uploaded it. How you share then in the team, is not within our responsability.

Why can i not use music from the charts?
Because you do not have the copyright to do so. Copyright violations can be followed up in a most unpleasant way, and it will harm you, the creator of the movie. However, to avoid trouble, please refer to the numerous links with music sources and possible "Creative Commons" licensings, that you can use for your movie. And then you are even legal. How cool is that?

Can i submit multiple entries?

For further details, like deadline and other requirements, please refer to the contest rules. And please do not ask one of the jury members about their opinion of samples you made. The jury will decide and name the winners ,when the time has come. Not before.

Good luck all!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mama Allpa Machinima and Photography Contest!

We are pleased to announce the 1st ever Mama Allpa Machinima and Photography challenge; brought to you by Mama Allpa, the mating HUD system in Second Life '. There is no hard and fast “Theme” however videos should begin or end in Nayeli; 

Photos have to be taken in Nayeli.

1stPrize Machinima - $L25,000
2ndPrize Machinima - $L10,000
3rdPrize Machinima - $L5,000

1st Prize Photo - $L5000

2nd Prize Photo - $L2000

3rd Prize Photo - $L1000

  • prize amounts may increase if donations are received -

  • donations will NOT influence judging -

  • donors and judges are eligible to submit entries however they are disqualified from winning as it constitutes a material conflict of interest. - They may be awarded honorary mention but no cash prizes - judges must abstain from voting for their own contributions.

    DEADLINE: Submissions are open between NOW (May 2011) through end of the day August 1st 2011 (deadline for entries is midnight PDT)

    THEME : Erotica - should be tasteful; not overly graphic, gross, or in violation of laws or TOS. While Nayeli is largely involved in breeding/pregnancy roleplay and this topic is certainly appropriate for submissions it is NOT a requirement and will not weigh in the rankings of submitted entries. Dominance/Submission is also quite appropriate however please keep submissions 'tasteful'.

MAJOR RULE: The most important rule is that the machinima must either start or end in Nayeli and in the description of the posted video the term "Mama Allpa machinima contest 2011" must appear, on the website, where the video is hosted. 

Click Here to go to Nayeli

Be aware that the arrival spot is adjacent to the Breeding Grounds however there are many areas of Nayeli to explore offering a wide variety of options.

LENGTH: 4 - 6 minutes is recommended, but this is not a hard rule. The length has no influence on the ranking.

The "Breeding Grounds" in Nayeli holds sample pictures, as decoration along the walls.
Winners will be announced by the 30th of August 2011.

Method of Entry & Other Info:* Load the Machinima on any video sharing website you prefer and provide the link to YT Recreant.
* The length of machinima referred to above is only a suggested maximum, and will not be enforced nor cause entries to be disqualified.

* Photo's can be posted to a photo sharing website or uploaded to SL and transferred (with full permissions to copy and transfer to other judges). Send the links or images via IM to YT Recreant.

* If you do NOT get an acknowledgment of your entry within 24 hours - please resend the information to “YT Recreant” or “xx Reyes” -
* Please acknowledge the lands or significant artworks and individuals you feature.
* If you need to rezz (blue screen etc) on Nayeli contact YT Recreant or 'slut' (account name = xx Reyes).

* You may only use content that you can freely and legally distribute - violations of copyright laws will disqualify the entry. Note that this does not prohibit “Fair Use” under copyright laws but that use must be properly credited. -

* Music or accompanying sound must be freely available under the Creative Commons license - Submissions using third party content should include credits to the original artist/source for the material and provide links to the grant of license for the material.

Note: the following link has a listing of sites offering Freely Distributable Music

- check the bottom section of the “Best Answer” for the site listings for numerous free music sources.

Closing Date:* Midnight PDT August 1, 2011. (This is the end of the day on the first of August, not the beginning of the day).


  • 1. Jarethe Anthony
    2. YT Recreant: Head Gardener - Nayeli Groundskeeping Department 
    3. village bike: (aka Brianna Aldridge) - Motorcross enthusiast and head animal trainer - Nayeli Game Preserve - go ahead, take a ride.. everyone else has...
    4. slut: (aka xx Reyes) - official slut of the 2011 Nayeli Downs
    5. Baron Nubalo: CEO and Operations Manager for the Breeding Grounds
Terms and Conditions

The Contest Committee has sole and absolute discretion to determine which submission entries, if any, merit an award. The Committee reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to change, modify, extend or reduce the terms and conditions of, or to suspend or terminate, the competition without prior notice. The committee will endeavor to inform participants of any such change, modification, extension, reduction, suspension or termination, as the case may be, through any outlet deemed appropriate by the committee in its sole and absolute discretion. The Committee further reserves the right to nullify and/or cancel any part or all of the competition if it appears that any fraud or malfunctions have occurred in any form whatsoever. Each participant undertakes to indemnify and keep the contest committee harmless from and against any loss, damage, claims, costs and expenses which may be incurred by or asserted against the contest as a result of such participant's participation in the competition. Participation in the competition and submission of photographs grants the committee a perpetual, royalty free license to use the images in its sole discretion. Submission of the photograph grants the right to use the photograph in its media, including but not limited to its website, marketing materials, or transmission internally on our streaming media site. Any photograph selected to be used in that way would be done so with proper attribution to the content creator.

If, for any reason, the photo competition is not capable of completion as planned, including but not limited to, any reason of infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures or any other causes beyond the control of the contest committee that corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of the photo competition, The Committee reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the competition.

All photographs submitted are subject to the contest committee for inclusion. The Committee may decline to include any submission at its sole discretion.

Prizes are distributed to the person that publishes the contest entry – distribution or proceeds to performers, partners, contributors, investors or other contributors to the project is the responsibility of the prize winner; any disputes arising from this is solely the responsibility of the contributor.

Please note: Any content that violates Child Porn Laws or the Linden Labs TOS' related to Age Play Content will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

See also our FAQ.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


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