Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays

Nayeli, December 2011
An interesting year comes to its end. I want to say "Thank You" to my friends. I have experienced loyalty, support, friendship and love, from those close to me, from those who i thought were close, and still are, apparently, and from strangers.
Yes, of course, 2011 had also its fair share on people one rather wants to see leaving than coming. But should i honor them with going into details here? Rather not. They just don't deserve it.

So, let us focus on those good and nice encounters, on the friends. I wish all of you blessed holidays and a prosperous 2012. Let us look forward to what 2012 holds, in challenges, surprises, experiences.
And i would love, if next year, at the same time, i can still count you in as my friend.

Have a great 2012 and all your wishes may come true,

- Mama Allpa doctors and midwives
- Ava & Family
- Marvin and Lacey
- slut & vb
- Jarethe
- my star
- all who i met through this long year of 2011in nice ways, as there are customers, clients, co-developers, other creators, friends, lovers, etc etc

Yours Truly

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dark Den re-opened

Remember the times when DD was a smaller area with fast and short RP storylines? No meters? No big background story?
Since i have been asked, more than one time, to go back to that stage, i took half of the sim "Mama Allpa" and made a new draft for Dark Den, considering developments that took place in SL meanwhile, like RLV for example. The result is the new Dark Den, on the sim Mama Allpa.
DD 2011
Bst viewed with Firestorm due to the weather settings, but also a nice view in the standard viewers. "Victims" should have their Relay on "auto". No worries, you won't get trapped endlessly in simple RLV devices that strip you naked...
We developed something nicer: a RLV capture gun. Description here:
Also, the Roleplay certification is back! Description here:
Inspectors from former DD certifications can please IM me if they are interested to also be inspector in the new setting.

So, the setting is made, the visit is up to you :)

see you there!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

height script

Tired of discussing what is the correct height? Realistically?
Copy and paste this script into a prim and let others just walk against that prim, maybe as non intrusive doormat or similar...

(Update January 6, 2012:) the script below has a bug. Read the comments, or see the corrected version here: )

        llSetText( "", < 1,1,1>, 1 );

    collision_start (integer total_number)
        key avatar;
        string name;
        vector size;
        vector pos;
        string saeheight = "";
        float heightfeet;

        avatar = llDetectedKey(0);
        size   = llGetAgentSize( avatar );
        name   = llDetectedName(0);
        pos    = llDetectedPos(0);
       heightfeet = size.z * 3.28083;
saeheight = (string)((integer) llFloor(heightfeet)) + " feet ";
heightfeet -= llFloor(heightfeet);
saeheight += (string)((integer)(llRound(heightfeet * 12))) + " inches";
        llInstantMessage(avatar, "you are " +saeheight + " tall, that equals " + (string)((integer)(size.z*100)) + " cm");
        if (size.z*100<150)
        llInstantMessage(avatar, "Your size is small. This is just a hint. Nothing else.");
       else  if (size.z*100>200)
        llInstantMessage(avatar, "Your size is very tall. This is just a hint. Nothing else.");
        size.x = 0.5;
        size.y = 0.5;



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