Saturday, October 30, 2010

At home!

Now, that the Breeding Motel has moved to another sim, i have my home back....

It just feels good!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Finally done

A project that got delayed due to several reasons was finally finished now this weekend:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who says hello first?

Just curious, since i observe sometimes strange patterns of communication, or, even worse, not even communication starting...

And i have to admit, i assumed. I assumed, it would be everywhere in the world like where i live. So, now, i want to hear your opinion:

there is a group of people standing around, and someone walks up, stands then nearby

Who says hello first?
the one who arrives? or the group?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Boredom paired with a semi God complex

Sometimes, people have different opinions. It happens all the time in daily life. Sometimes, people even fight about different points of view. But what i seldom observe, fortunately, is, that when someone lashes out to all sides, tries to damage former friends, puts effort into being vile, just because, ...

well why?

Are they bored?



The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind....

Anyway, what i am talking about, you will see when i add two screenshots:

On  a second thought, i have modified this blog post. I would enter that level. And the saying goes: if you go mudwrestling with a pig, both get dirty, the pig and you. But the pig enjoys it.

So, dear former MA doctor: i will not publish the screenshot that reveals you being an alt who had put a bad rating on the F-HUD, as D. But you know, i am aware. And maybe you will learn from this, that others, who are using the same tools like i do, know as well. Your secret is revealed, you can stop being mean, it is no fun anyway not for you, not for anyone involved. Stop poisoning your own heart. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thank you

all of those who attended the last meeting - i am glad, happy even, that we found a way to work things out. and now let us look forward to the results...

I will in a further post later this week give some of the hints we spoke about, as summary here in the blog.

you are all wonderful people


Ignored and cornered

When i think, that something would not work, and that it will fail, i have, in my opinion, valid reasons for that. When i am asked, i will tell my opinion. It is then the choice of the one who asked me, whether to consider my opinion - or not.

This time, it did get not considered. It will lead to installing something i do not want, never wanted, makes things more complicated, delivers reasons for excuses, messes things up and will lead to just more frustration. Bureaucracy is a fitting term for it.

Now, since my opinion was "understood" but ignored, what choice do i have? I can refuse to participate, the idea has been sold already to a group of people who are all in for it. Then i am the outsider. The stubborn one. The one who refuses to cooperate.

Or i cooperate. Swallow it. Install and live with something i really am not convinced of.

Choices choices choices.

Thank you.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The new SL market place

"We are thrilled to announce..." it reads on their blog.

Yeah, me too. So thrilled that i get cold shivers down my spine. Some of the highlights i experienced so far:

  • I translated in the old xstreet most of my product descriptions to all available languages. The translations are gone
  • I update my products regularly, these updates carry their version in the product name, like "HUD V2.09". That does not fly with the new marketplace anymore. If i update the item in the market-place server, my sales history, as well as the ranking etc. is lost. So, clients get the old HUD delivered and then instantly the update from my server.
  • The rating itself is hilarious. If jealous competitors want to drag one down, they simply buy one of those side products that do not sell that often, and rate it with 1 star. The rating is anonymous (why at all?) and unlike on xstreet, it shows from the first rating onwards. So, a competitor could also just regularly scan for new items, buy them as soon as they appear, rate them with 1 star then. Here i would wish that i can see who rated me. In the case that my client is really not happy, i can then try to change that, and make an unhappy client a happy client.
  • the e-mail notification reads: "John Doe purchased one item from you as part of Order 1122334455, item on the Second Life marketplace"... errr, oook. Where else should they have bought it when i get an e-mail notification about a sale from LL? On Mars? But the more important question is: which item did they buy? Is not in the e-mail header, so one has to read the mail.
There are good sides too. I like the idea of a cart that one can fill and then purchase all in one go. That i tried as client already several times and it is easier than earlier. Also the product presentation, website layout, is quite cool, more modern than the old xstreet.

So, i hope, the above mentioned topics are just toothing pains.

Another AFK IM

The Dark Den, People's Republic of Glint is an area where forced aspects, like kidnap and slavery are RPed out. The area is adult flagged.
I return from a RL break and read this in my IM (names changed for privacy reasons of course):

[03:15:53]  John Doe: is this person in your group
[03:16:09]  John Doe: for dark den
[03:16:32]  John Doe: Jane Doe
[03:21:25]  John Doe: just to let you know im reporting them for this offence [03:07]  -JB- Evil Titler: Jane Doe set John Doe's title to... 'Registered Sex Offender'

I would say, dear John Doe, if you can not stand the heat, do not go into the kitchen... And titlers suck anyway. And no one forces you to wear such a crap.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The superpower

For a given reason, i want to clarify something for those who so happen to find themselves in a Roleplay with me:
All what happens in chat, is "In Character". You are then talking to alley cat. Alley cat is, as character, not in any way more or less privileged than you are. Alley cat sticks her nose into things which are preferably none of her business and tries to tease and provoke people. And it is expected that you react then as if that would be any other person, doing the same with you.
In chat, IC, you will not experience that i pull OOC powers. there is simply no reason to do so.
Exception: if you are getting suddenly OOC - nasty towards me, taking the IC conflict into OOC , either by ((double brackets)) or IM, i will simply mute you until you cooled down.
In IM, you are always, not only with me, but with everyone, usually, OOC, Out of Character. In IM; you can discuss stuff with me like your land rental or griefer issues etc. In IM you talk in this case to the owner of the sims you are RPing at (if you are at the PRG). In IM, all rules you learned in your RL, about politeness and courtesy apply. In short: in IM we are respectful. If not, i will not hesitate to react with OOC options as well.

Monday, October 4, 2010

uh oh...

...well.. is this good or bad news?

Rumor: Microsoft wants Linden Labs

Just never log out...

...yesterday, i did that, logging out. When i returned, logged in, i was a cloud. Soooo, i tried all what is commonly done:
  • cleared cache
  • deleted files of where the cache is stored
  • set my graphic settings to very basic
  • trying to load the "female test avatar" from the advanced menu
  • restarted the sim i was at
  • reduced draw distance
  • removed attachments
  • TPed to an empty Linden Sim

What helped was, switching to Viewer 2. With all the hassle that brings. It keeps loading a setting from spring this year, because that was when i first tried that viewer. But, after maybe 2 minutes, all of my equipment was loaded.
Then i was able to relog with whatever viewer i wanted, the "cloud" or "ruth problem" was fixed.

Oh, and btw....
normally i can call the concierge service, live chat....

but they were not available again.

Don't we love that?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Endearing names
Why not?


Endearing names really never do it for me. A "pet name" like "alley cat" has a meaning, is given for a reason. And other than that, i find my SL name, YT, quite cool (why else had i picked it then?)

For everyone who wants to know and did not ask yet: YT is "borrowed" from the book "snowcrash". Read up at your favorite bookstore about the content, then you know what snowcrash is about. The "family name" Recreant shall indicate, btw., that it is not exactly that YT, which would not work already from the age of the character in the book. 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The fun of being a creator

This happened while i was afk/idling:

[2010-10-02 03:52:34]  xxx xxx: hi yt .. i just bought the MA hud  but didnt recieve it !
[2010-10-02 03:59:32]  xxx xxx: well then dont answer .. i just payed double to recieve your fucking alpha mama hud .; what a rip of to get a good thing
[2010-10-02 03:59:54]  xxx xxx: if you wanna earn that much then just double the price of your stuff ok ???
[2010-10-02 04:03:46]  xxx xxx: its not bout the 249L$ ..  its the principe .; you own a bussines .. take care for your clients .; dont ignore them !  thats a fair policy right ?

I wonder, what is the perception of those people? Do they really expect someone is eager after such assaults to look closer into things? No idea.

Friday, October 1, 2010

JIRA - wassat?

Today, a link for those of you who want to help actively in improving the Seoncd Life Experience: the JIRA:

If you notice an error or you want to see an improvement, you can search here, whether anyone else had the same thought already and vote for the entry - or open your own entry.

One entry amongst my favorites is this:
It is about making windlight available serverside.

The incredible lag bug that freezes everything on a sim as soon as someone TPs in or out, is here:

Read in the JIRA yourself and find out more.


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