Friday, December 24, 2010

Well, did not work out...

against a common opinion, some of computers is really a sealed book for me, full of mysteries.
And then, curiosity kills the cat.

I started in SL with a "windows" machine, and after some trouble, and experiments, a friend convinced me one day and gave me a "ubuntu" box. I must say, it runs stable, nearly never crashes. It is often, that, on an occasional shut down a reminder plops up "do you wish to save File X? It is open since 192 hours..."

When i need new software, i have a "software manager" where i type in what i am looking for, and i get a bunde of options to chose from. The software comes via internet, for free, installs itself, and runs smoothly.. mostly

With one big exception: OpenShot. My favorite video editor. 

I had updated my ubuntu from 10.04 to 10.10, and wanted now to make the video for the seasons greetings. OpenShot did not start. Hmmm... I tried to poke and tweak here and there... and have spend almost 8 hours now, with deinstalling and installing - often just guessing what i am doing.

In the result, my login screen changed and some fonts (and i have no clue why that is so) - and all else is running fine (again)... but no video software :(  I will hve to consult my friend, but that can not take place during the christmas days. 

So stay tuned, the video will come, once the software is running.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Video message

I am in the making of a video, for christmas and new year... and during that video, i plan to have mesages run as subtitles...
If YOU want to send a greeting, and a message to your friends, for the new year, then please comment to this blog entry. I will NOT publish the comments but use them then as subtitle with your name, example:
Jane Doe wishes all her friends a prosperous new year....

Lazy dom, lazy sub, lazy partner?

A rant about being casual... and if you think i mean you... rest assured, i do not.

I will, for now, use the term partner. It does not matter for this rant, whether it is a "normal" relationship, or a D/s one...

One thing one can observe in some SL relationships, more than in a RL relationship, i will call it development stages:

  1. the partners meet.
    At this stage everything is new and exciting. One can spend hours together, one forgets the sleeping habits, talks, makes love, explores, etc. Everything seems at ease and wonderful.
  2. Concerns are discovered, getting to know each other
    Eventually one partner steps onto the toe of the other, unintentionally. One talks. One exchanges experiences of the past, one gets to know each other.
  3. 1L (RL) blends in
    Where do you live? What do you do? Some partners allow then 1L to mix into 2L, to various degrees. Some cut the 1L out to 100%, others plan to meet 1L. And there are countless shades in between.
  4. All quiet on the western front, daily routine.
    One talks. One plans "what could be if...". And one hangs out. 
At stage 4, the danger of being casual arises. And here even more so for a D/s relation. Since it is expected, that there, in that relation, both are following certain patterns. Like, the "s" is expected to follow, and to "behave" (whatever that can be), while the D is expected to lead.
In a D/s relation, one example for being casual are rules, that are set, and then not followed. It can be, that the rule is not followed by the sub, like "do this and that every day". And the sub is simply not in the mood to do so. Or it is too aggravating. But also the D has, in my opinion, some rules to follow. Like "do not become indifferent in your way how you follow up agreements with your sub, one day so, the other day so, and again other days not at all".

For D/s, one often hears two kinds of complaints:
  • the D states that the s is not really s.
  • the s states, that the D is not really D.
But, at a certain point in time, mostly in the start of the relation, the D was *the* D, and the s was *the* s. And somewhere along the road, that magic was lost. And each single time when this happened, i observed it for this reason: one of these two lost focus on the relation. Like, the partner comes online and has 1000 concerns about whatever, and spends the time with their partner about talking about these concerns, but: none of these 1000 concerns are in any way part of the actual relation.
I do not want to say, that the partner is not there for listening also to general topics and concerns. But if it is a daily routine, that one talks about, for example 1L work, software, viewers, grids, the pope and politics... and if due to that, either the D stops to be D or the sub stops to be s, because they take these 1000 concerns more serious than their actual part in the relation, D or s, then it is high time for a break. 

Step then back and set priorities. Ask yourself things like:
  • Do you really have no other place to bitch about your job than SL?
  • Is it smart to spend time always with plans what one could do, one day, given one condition fullfiled, instead of actually doing what you can do right now?
  • Do you really love the person you are spending time with? or is that one just a welcome entertainment and distraction?
  • Do you really love to be D or s?
This list of questions can be extended, but i guess, you get the idea. So, to sum it up: if you expect your D to behave like a D, then focus on the D and behave like a s. And if you are the D, and expect your s to behave like a s, then you should behave like a D.

Reduce talking to your partner in a casual way, if you are in a D/s relation. For that, you have 1L or non D/s friends. Towards your partner, you have chosen to be either the D or the s. You both have agreed to a certain kind of lifestyle.
You do not have to stop being casual. Or talk nonsense. But if it gets the daily routine, to be casual, then ask yourself, what you really want, D/s or not?

Monday, December 13, 2010


it has been really a while that i was sitting in front of a tool, that just drew in all my attention over days, making me forget many other things...

now, meshes and blender are...

the apple in blender

the same apple in SL (beta grid)
a high learning curve in the beginning, and this lousy apple took me many days, and it is certainly far from being perfect, textures are missing and all... cool man!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


accidentally i came across some videos, that introduced the "World of Warcraft" -"Cataclysm" as something revolutionary to online worlds... new design, etc...
As builder and landscaper, i was of course curious to see what they do... 
and i must say... i am happy to be in SL. What they introduce as "new" are builds, where the tools in SL to do them are available already since years. And gifted builders know how to use them...
we would not even need to wait for meshes to beat the appearance of WoW-areas with SL sims, and we would win that, with flying colors...


WoW screenshot
This shows a village in the new environment... and i could add 20 more screenshots, of other areas, they show all the same building quality: builds, partly with glow or semi transparence, the sky pimped up with what we call windlight (i do not know if there is a WoW term).
What do i miss? This is nothing that we can not build. We can, and even better. And the major difference is: in SL we can. in WoW, one has to use what is provided.
I do not get the whole discussion about "SL had its hype..." In some weird blogs people say stuff like twitter or facebook is what follows SL... uhm, not really?

It is time, for the SL community, to boost the marketing. Write in blogs, as guest comment, add screenshots, describe what you can do in SL.. and let others envy your options... and add the link to the SL registration page :)

This, we can do better! Go and tell and show!

Monday, December 6, 2010

All who missed me this weekend...

..this absence was not planned from my side, sorry....

Ah Yeah
Es war schön
Wär schön gewesen
mit nem längeren Leben
aber hey irgendwann is eben zeit zu gehn und ich will mich nich rausreden lass mich doch mal ausreden

ich wollt noch danke sagen doch
ich lieg im krankenwagen noch
wolln sie mich zwangsbeatmen doch bald is alles aus und vorbei

falls sie mich nich begraben dann sollt ich mich wirklich fragn wann will ich mal danke sagen denn irgendwann is' aus und vorbei

ich geh nie wieder ohne danke zu sagen grund ich steh auf schienen vor ner schranke im wagen und frag mich gerade wo gehts hier zu ner tanke und warum is hinter mir jetzt auch noch ne schranke dumm

das der gedanke besser irgendetwas zu tun zwar nich verkehrt is doch n bisschen zu spät und nun verhäddert sich noch der behämmerte gurt na gut dann wird der nächste wohl mein letzter zug

armes kleines fischschen du hast leider nicht viel zeit gehabt und mit dem bisschen dass dir bleib hast du s nich weit gebracht denn schon am zweiten tag hat man dich eingefangen es tut mir leid das wars ab in die speisekammer dann auf die speisekarte denn du bist heiße ware du bist zum teil gegahrt aber meist gebraten
darfs noch reis sein? leicher weißwein? nein das teil muss heiß sein gib her ich beiß rein
hammer wie frisch der schmeckt als gericht perfekt nur hatt ich nich entdeckt was sich in fisch versteckt hatt ich auch glück bis jetzt dieses stück steckt fest kipp auf den tisch direkt zwischen mein fischbesteck

ich wollt noch danke sagen doch
ich lieg im krankenwagen noch
wolln sie mich zwangsbeatmen doch bald is alles aus und vorbei

falls sie mich nich begraben dann sollt ich mich wirklich fragn wann will ich mal danke sagen denn irgendwann is' aus und vorbei

genau im magischen moment bevor der wagen sich aushängt bevor puppilen sich vereeng'n
wie verlaufn medikamt' sie und wenn was klemmt was die schon wieder denkt jetzt sei mal abgelenkt und mach dir nich ins hemd
es is wie luis und klaakkent
wie pott in amsterdam
achterbahn angsterfahrn das gehört zusammn also geh mir nich aufn keks denn wir werden alt und wir sind unterwegs und ham gestalten runter gehts kleiner scherz wir sind gar nich angeschnallt doch keiner merkts erst als es zu spät is seh ich dass da was im weg is und wir heben ab pech gehabt hat die alte echt mal recht gehabt

du hast gesagt du holst mich später noch ab ich hab deswegen gedacht ich nehm noch eben nen bad du hattest schon immer gegen den bart und endlich gebe ich nach und nehm ihn nebenher ab nur an meim rasierer is das kabel geteilt wodurch der ganze aparrat wie ne parabel erscheint und das fatale dabei das eine kabel liegt frei alter weisste bescheid da is der spaß halt vorbei

ich wollt noch danke sagen doch
ich lieg im krankenwagen noch
wolln sie mich zwangsbeatmen doch bald is alles aus und vorbei

falls sie mich nich begraben dann sollt ich mich wirklich fragn wann will ich mal danke sagen denn irgendwann is' aus und vorbei

ich wollt noch danke sagen doch
ich lieg im krankenwagen noch
wolln sie mich zwangsbeatmen doch bald is alles aus und vorbei

falls sie mich nich begraben dann sollt ich mich wirklich fragn wann will ich mal danke sagen denn irgendwann is' aus und vorbei

bald is alles aus und vorbei..
aus und vorbeeeeei..

Monday, November 29, 2010


Windlight set to Bree's Appleblosssom (click to enlarge)
While all viewers in SL support meanwhile the so called "windlight", Phoenix users were, as usual, a bit pampered more here. Via a small button in the lower right corner, they are able, to pick from a rich bunch of presets.

Windlight is rendered in the viewer, not serverside. The downside here is, that each viewer can have an individual windlight setting, which makes it difficult for sim owners, to have the similar experience for all guests, regarding atmoshpere/feeling.

Now, it seems, that Phoenix again goes one step further:
Windlight setting in the land description
If one enters in the land description the recommended windlight settings (see picture above), then the viewer of the visitor produces an additional icon:
Sun&Cloud=the windlight icon
Clicking this icon in the viewer, the guest gets their viewer set to, what the sim owner recommends.

Good job, Phoenix team!

(Tested under Phoenix beta, not the release version as of yet).

Monday, November 22, 2010

All quiet...

every now and then i am getting an IM, from the one or the other person, how i am doing. So, for all who want to know:
I have pink fingernails!
the teddy grew!
The nymph has learned how to read ;) - and is still leashed
And if you want to know more, you know where to find me :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


SL via web interface. Very early beta stage, but, try yourself!


I buy every now and then stuff at the SL marketplace. Since often i just decide, "how often will i need this?" and "am i really in the mood to script that?"...
if the answer is "often" and "no" - i buy.
Often, my buys are good ones. Sometimes, tho, i am plain disappointed when i unpack what i bought.

Today, i decided to rate what i bought over the past month. The good items, was easy.
The not so good items, well, what to do?
Somehow, i refuse to give a 1-star rating, unless the item is really crap.
I recall, we all started building and scripting once, and those creators maybe still learn. Should one discourage them with an obvious "hey, this is crap what you made?"

I do not think so.

I will IM them and tell them in detail what i found not so nice.

Maybe that will help them more than being exposed to the public with a one-star-rating.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

She is back!

...does a little dance and jumps in joy with a smile like stoned....

Wednesday, November 10, 2010



1   [thing]  Show IPA
a material object without life or consciousness; an inanimateobject.
some entity, object, or creature that is not or cannot bespecifically designated or precisely described: The stick hada brass thing on it.
anything that is or may become an object of thought: thingsof the spirit.
things, matters; affairs: Things are going well now.
a fact, circumstance, or state of affairs: It is a curious thing.
an action, deed, event, or performance: to do great things;His death was a horrible thing.
a particular, respect, or detail: perfect in all things.
aim; objective: The thing is to reach this line with the ball.
an article of clothing: I don't have a thing to wear.
implements, utensils, or other articles for service: I'llwash the breakfast things.
personal possessions or belongings: Pack your thingsand go!
a task; chore: I've got a lot of things to do today.
a living being or creature: His baby's a cute little thing.
a thought or statement: I have just one thing to say to you.
Informal a peculiar attitude or feeling, either positive ornegative, toward something; mental quirk: She has a thingabout cats.
something signified or represented, as distinguished from aword, symbol, or idea representing it.
Law anything that may be the subject of a property right.
new thing, Jazz free jazz.
the thing,
something that is correct or fashionable: That café isthe thing now.
that which is expedient or necessary: The thing to do isto tell them the truth.


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