Saturday, March 19, 2011

Viewer 2

ok.. there has been writen a lot really by many blogs, in many forums, about viewer 2. A lot of people really do not like it. And many prefer Phoenix. All well known.
Now, since three days i had with phoenix some weird problems.. textures loading only blurred, even HUD-textures, freezin, then also suddenly being very slow.. all that stuff
Yes, i know how to delete the phoenix folder and how to make a clean uninstall.. and got trapped in the same again. I found out, that with phoenix, and my computer, it specifically does not like it when i log in at "home position", which is surrounded by sculpted prims... maybe too much load? i have no clue, i am not an IT-person.
Now, i tried viewer 2. And really tried it this time. More or less because i had to. Or i would have spend a lot of hours with other viewers and configuration.
What can i say?
Viewer 2 runs stable. The surface is clean, neat, fast. My computer responds fast. The menu structure is, when one forgets about the former one, in fact, even more logic. I can group inventory items to outfits really fast. Pop up messages go into the background silently and wait until one has time to read them, etc.
So, in fact, not a bad viewer at all.
What i am missing is my radar. And maybe the comfortable phoenix windlight settings, for machinimas. But thats it about, so far.
I am still working my way through it, but, i must say, from an objective point of view: the viewer is not that bad as one can ehar often. It runs really nicely here.


  1. Hi YT!

    I've had similar problems and sometimes found that turning off "HTTP Get Textures" in Phoenix helps. You might give it a try and see if it helps. Preferences->Phoenix->Page2->Advanced Graphics. If you do this its probably a good idea to clear your cache too.

    But to your main point, that Viewer 2 isn't so bad after all.... I have to say that I agree. It's first couple of releases were pretty rough and had some problems that made it unusable for me. But since then it has improved steadily and the latest beta, 2.6 is pretty good.

    I am still using phoenix mostly because of things like RLV and the ability to upload temporary textures.


  2. Hi YT! If you miss your radar, there is a freebie light weight HUD with a radar using much less script resources than the MystiTool. Maybe you find it useful.



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