Monday, June 13, 2011

Clarification about last night (interesting only for the Glint-people )

So to prevent the rumour disease to spread, here now for all who are interested, my thoughts on the latest events and IMs:
I have learned that, if a person managed to get really onto my bad list, they can stay there indeed until judgement day. I do not care. Especially when these people never made even the faintest approach from their side to change that. And even when i think i would have gotten over things and lifted bans, seeing they do not even then start to also make a step towards me, just leaves them where they are. My blog is not a pillory, so i will not give any names, but also to prevent misunderstandings: said person was the GF or Mistress or whatever to someone who called me a Nazi, via a group note, send to 6000 residents at that time. The Nazi incident was not the only reason that brought her there, but certainly part of it. Enough said. Those who know her name, fine, and for the others, just leave it at that.
Anyway, said person was on my radar two nights ago, and i decided to sleep over it, before i react. And as i was still thinking about the issue, another IM popped up, a friend giving me a heads up... that some PRG member found the idea enticing to fuck me with my guns, literally...
err.. yes.. wtf?
Now, i do not find that idea anywhere close to enticing. Nor do i fancy to see that other person on a regular base. When i expressed my concern i got as feedback some confusion, people wondering what i want, in fact.
So, maybe i am wrong. Maybe i overreact. maybe my judgement is not as objective as it could be. Maybe i am even unfair.
Sorry for that.

It just feels wrong. And so, i stay away. And no, i have no other consequences or reactions planned. I will just leave them in peace. And wish for the same. It was really about time to let go of DD, for me. That is what i learned. And i wish those who are running it, all the best.


  1. YT? I had been looking forward to rp with you again after that scene we did the other night. Had some ideas and stuff. I am sad this won't happen now. But Hell, I do understand your decision. Still, its a bummer.

  2. Lovely nymph, whatever you decide - and I hope it's not a decision to leave DD - it always bears your mark and your legacy. You've many friends there with whom you've common memories and experiences. Friends forgive and learn and create new future experiences. I hope that's how this pans out. Nowhere should have a nymph-shaped hole. They're hard to fill. U xxx



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