Saturday, January 7, 2012

Diary of a rebuild

Referring to the height issue, i am now starting to rebuild some elements of Dark Den, where i try to stick close to RL sizes. First i adjusted my body height, as 1.82 cm were feeling way tall for me. As next step, i adjsuted my camera angle. There is either a HUD for it, or one can do so via the debug settings of the viewer.
Penny has written an excellent article about that, which i strongly recommend to read. You will experience SL in a very much immersed level:

Next, i started to scale some walls and doors. The walls here in this picture are 3 meters high, the door has a height of 2 meters.:
Click to enlarge
Next, to keep an overview and feel for dimensions, i picked an interior item which i often use, a chair. Placing the chair out of the box, its backrest reached nearly up to my shoulders. So i modified the chair as well:
left: modified version. Click to enlarge
This blogpost will be updated as i proceed. If someone wants to come and check out, just IM me inworld for a TP.

no modify - click to enlarge
Some inventory item gets lost of course on this route. Like a "no mod" popcorn vendor. 3 meters tall, it fills the room. And downsizing is not possible, due to object permissions.

the first building is ready. Advantage: i am able to link the whole structure as one object

Update January 9th:
Also, furniture need to be redone.
Click to enlarge
The above picture shows the problem. Green is a realistic sized bed, red is common for SL beds. So i am going to tear one of my favorite beds into pieces (yay for mod of furniture) and strip it to its core, that way i can make a standard mattress, where i then build around the realistic sized bed.

Ready.. almost

Click to enlarge
Ok, a Roleplay area is never really fully ready.. but this here is now the realistically scaled version :) Feel free to have a look...


  1. it's a good thing, interior walls shouldn't exceed 3m high. plsu if everyone get a Rl size, it will do more room on sims as you'll not need as much space for a chair as you need for those giant avs.


  2. Doors in 2L always seem to be oversized, I assume due to trying to save prims on the frames. Realistically, yeah, a gracious entry door would be about 2.33m x 1.5m in size (7ft x 4.5ft) However, with things like dragons, werewolves, demons, etc. That size would even bump heads, clip wings, catch horns, etc. However, there is no substitute, imo, for a real sized build. your mind is able to grasp and immerse into it more due to being able to familiarize with it more.



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