Sunday, March 11, 2012

More changes, RLV partly broken, forced attachments by LL

Two days ago i saw a post in the LL blog, which i thought "interesting", but then forgot about it again. Today i read groupnotes about "RLV is going to break in a major part if...". It is about the change of how items that are received, and how RLV can handle them - or not.
Both seem to be related to me, as they can provide similar functionality. So, let us look first into the "broken RLV function". As described in the JIRA entry, the change means, that if a viewer receives an object, this object goes to a new folder "received items". Always. Which catches all existing RLV supporting viewers off guard. And scripts, that make use of these viewers, will then eventually behave as if the item has not been received.
This means, if that change stays in place, that all RLV viewers need to be updated. Which requires the RLV developer teams, who work for no payment, but on their spare time, might throw in an extra shift, just for that. I can see, that they are not smiling.
However, there is also something new in the planning ,which one can see already now in the so called Linden Realms (which you can only enter with a premium account or as sim owner, as far as i know). If you have tried these out, you will have noticed "strange" things happening to your viewer:

  • Teleports work 'just so' without having to click on something or to sit on something
  • HUD attachments appear on your screen, without any question "do you want blablabla?"
  • Nothing of that attachment is in your inventory.
You will find a video made by LL about this here. If you don't want to watch this video, here the key highlights at a glance:

  1. Experience Permissions
    Unlike the nowadays usual permission system, that asks for each script its own permission setting, it sounds like there will be an option to set a list of permissions, that will span for a region and time, that the scripter intends. This permission can entail for example Teleport Agent, Attach, Control Camera, Take Controls, Trigger Animation, Track Camera. 
  2. Teleport Agent
    This is meant to be a better option than the nowadays normally used teleport pads, which are in fact just moving prims. Today, if one wants to "teleport" from A to B within a sim, one gets a prim, that holds a script. Sitting on the prim, causes it to move, from A, to B. that is the "Teleport" and works only within the sim. Intraregion ports are not possible and require always stuff like "now the map will open and you need to click...". The teleport agent is a change to that.
  3. Temporary Attachment
    this allows the scripter, to have items worn by the avatar that visits the region, but that item will not "pollute" the inventory.
These are previews, i have no clue when they are in place, but if you want to see them in action, see to find a Linden Realm today.


  1. I've made an alt to play with linden realms and you do not need a premium account. The HUD disappears once you leave the sim.

  2. Sparks RacecourseMarch 13, 2012 at 6:52 PM

    LL plans to rollback LeTigre and BlueSteel on Wednesday to fix the RLV issue. Are they related to new changes? Most likely not. My last sim was on the mesh server, so changes happened weekly. For example, the feature llcastray took months or rollbacks to get on the main grid. Anyway, If you own a sim (private region) check to see what server you are on. The 3 Server Release Candidate servers on the main grid are (LeTigre, BlueSteel, and Magnum). Then you can go to this link to see what will be deployed for that week. If you have a problem with a script, then create a jira and report on it. The problem with TPV's, well, they hacked the code for Havok. Actually, this was discussed in one of the meetings. So, the mesh creators had lot problems with Firestorm for mesh upload.

    Linden Realms is open to everyone, and it's primary purpose was to show advanced creators new tools to incorporate in their builds. Notice there is no lag issue in Linden Realms. If you are a creator, then spend a lot of time in Linden Realms to investigate the build. The new tools are rather cool, but Linden Realms is based on 12 full region 15K islands. So how many sim owners can afford to build a large roleplay sim based on 295 for each region? Total cost would be $3540 a month. LL needs to compete with the rest of the world, and offer more regions to the sim owner.



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