Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pretty dumb

[22:14] SugarღPop (yt.recreant): hello there. I am writing  because of your Animare review
[22:15] SugarღPop (yt.recreant): are you around?
[22:20] SugarღPop (yt.recreant): well, either way. I must say, as much as I vaue customer feedback: if you have "since over a year" trouble with your HUD and did not manage to IM me one single time, then the problem is certainly not with the HUD. to the effects that you described,, that joints keep moving after the upload etc, these effects are described in the manual, as a.) intentional and b.) how to fix it. Now I understand that reading a manual is not something everyone likes to do - hence an IM from your side would have been appreciated. But not reading the Manual and not IMing me, but then trashign my gadget publicly - is that really what you wanted to do?
[22:21] SugarღPop (yt.recreant): I hope you will see my point, and let me help you there, while you delete that review.
[22:21] SugarღPop (yt.recreant): be well
[22:21] Jake Bucking Fitch (fitch.woodrunner): I was afk, I'm done with your tool, I have no further use of it
[22:22] SugarღPop (yt.recreant): so you refuse to read the manual, you were incapable to IM me about it and now simply give me an unfair rating?
[22:23] Jake Bucking Fitch (fitch.woodrunner): the review was honest, you are free to remove it yourself
[22:23] SugarღPop (yt.recreant): the review was unfair, dishionest, and well, ok. it actualyl embarasses you
[22:23] Jake Bucking Fitch (fitch.woodrunner): I did read the instructions on the website
[22:23] SugarღPop (yt.recreant): but if you want to show the world what a person you are, be well
[22:23] Jake Bucking Fitch (fitch.woodrunner): ok, this discussion is becoming abusive, goodbye
[22:24] SugarღPop (yt.recreant): for the "unstable poses" here the link and one link and one quote - red it, then judge yourself: the LINk:
[22:24] SugarღPop (yt.recreant): he quote
[22:24] SugarღPop (yt.recreant): Alter the rotations of each joint, as already in "How to adjust a pose" described.
Please consider: if you plan to use this pose later as upload, the white joints will not be controlled by your created pose later, but by the animation that is playing inworld already.
An example:
if the "Head" Joint is blue, the head will always look into the same direction
If the "Head" Joint is white, the avatar, that runs this pose later, will still move its head, when for example the mouse moves over the screen.
If you do not wish a specific joint to rotate, but also not to change its position, use "Zero Joint". That will color the joint blue and "occupy" or "lock" it in place later, when the pose is uploaded by you.
[22:24] SugarღPop (yt.recreant): and yur review is abusive

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