Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My problem - your thoughts please

I am thinking about a lifestyle which i tried to install in SL several times...
The idea is, that a group of dominants (preferably males, but that is my preference) owns a group of females...

We had two attempts for that in the time DD is running:
house slaves - where we had also a lot of female trainers
elite molesteri & sisterhood

Both attempts ended up in this:
Dominants coming in, runnning through any form of required qualification and picking up subs.. like in a candy store...

then we had some Dominants who were really fast, had what like 5 subs in their collar, from where 4 ran away within 2 weeks again, the groups, sisterhood or house slaves then being empty vessels, because the gems have been constantly dragged out.

How can i install something in the idea above to avoid that?

any ideas?


  1. I don't think we can (or should) prevent a sub from choosing to leave if they find a good dominant.. we are roleplaying a sense of being slaves but in the end each slave is here by choice. there are in fact no shortage of willing and eager slaves. the biggest challenge I see is finding and keeping Dominants.. especially good ones.

    if we have dominants here there will be no shortage of subs. So i was thinking perhaps we could try something like a "molester of the month" award - some public recognition and possibly some prizes each month to the top molesters (as voted on by the active slaves in the den).

  2. I think tackling the root problem is the solution here. Men are reluctant to undergo any sort of 'man carding' and while the sisterhood and molesteri looked great on paper, the molesteri failed... miserably and for that very reason.
    On reflection, I suppose when writing those tasks I should have thought more like a man and possibly even consulted a few on what they thought. However in my enthusiasm, I scribbled down a male version of the sisterhood and it all went pear shaped pretty fast.
    My suggestion is to put a man on the case of recruiting Doms as recruiting submissive females has proven successful time and time again. I can already think of at least two active Doms that would be perfect for that tssk.
    As for weeding out the shit Doms, just use my tried and tested 'Please Sir, I'm so thirsty, could you possibly see your way to making me some tea?' method. If you don't get a cock shoved down your throat in the next ten seconds, send them packing with an arrow in their arse :)

  3. I think the City Slaves program is functioning well, and there are new things planned with that which are still in the draft stages, but what I've seen of the plans looks pretty intriguing. But I have to agree with slut and Tara, we can get subs all day long, what we need is a good stable of Doms. I really like the idea of having a Dom in charge of recruiting more... I'd love to see where that goes.

  4. I would agree with the comments here, but I would also add that most men of a dominant nature, don't feel the need, nor the desire to 'prove' themselves to subs. They are by their very actions, or they aren't. One thing to think about is; If a 'Dom' is willing to jump through hoops and perform like a circus dog to prove he is a Dom, is he really that much of a Dom?

  5. In my experience as a submissive, dominants are individualistic by nature. So a group of dominants is a peculiar notion to begin with, and dominants earning their way into that group is even more peculiar.

    I would suggest instead having the stated goal being something else entirely. For example, the goal could be learning how to RP well. Within such a goal, there would be 3 broad tracks, or set of tasks; one for submissives, one for dominants, and one for those somewhere in between. This has the benefit of not forcing female switches to be submissive and not forcing male switches to be dominant, roles both will find uncomfortable a significant portion of the time. And it allows for female dominants and male submissives as well.

    I suspect the above sounds familiar to you YT. *smiles* I agree that earning a tag that says Master or Mistress seems to be a bit presumptive, so some creativity with the tags earned would be needed. But there should be some other way to convey dominance without going that far.


  6. ok, let me point out my main concern:
    i want two groups, where one is "owning" the other, as group. not as individual.
    And i want then to avoid, hat the dominant group misunderstands the sub-group as candy store. Or that some subs get attitudes like "i do not use my MA HUD with this Dominant, but only with that Dominant" or stuff.
    Been there, seen that, drama is perfect.

  7. So how should a member of the Dom group act? A member of the sub group? If you can flesh out the details of what you want we may be able to find a way to achieve it.

    This is Screw by the way. Used anon because I don't have the other IDs

  8. I see what you are getting at. Looking at history, I don't know of any system of slavery that fit this idea. The closest thing I can come up with is modern day outlaw bikers in the U.S. They will have some girls who are used by the members at will, who will also be pimped out to earn for the tribe, lent to visitors etc.

    What you have in mind is a lofty goal, and would work in a near-perfect world, but that damned pesky human nature gets in the way all too often. Subs aren't always content with having four or six or 12 owners - wanting instead the attention of just a one. Likewise Doms aren't always content to share and share alike. The latter being probably the more problematic of the two - as evidenced by the huge amount of subs who are restricted for their Dom's use only.

  9. I didn't see this yesterday but let me just say that I agree with most of what has been said here...I was lucky when I came across Glint and after a false start with a Master who really wasn't a master and later changed to a sub I ended up with someone who was dominant (really he was!) and lead to many hours of fun but I had my heart elsewhere and introduced to Glint my current Owner who lucky for me loved the place as much as I do

    Over time in and out of glint we have met some very great RP's from Dark Den even people we had previously never met (and continue to do so in many sims) and I honestly believe that the new look glint which in my opinion is almost like it's back to it's roots (thank you YT) is going to attract more Dom's of either sex.

    Men/Women are however very funny creatures and finding a fine balance between to many subs/slaves and Dom's to take care of them is always going to be hard...that said some Dom's are able to look after a large collection of collared souls but some are not its getting the Dom's to realise what is realistic that's the hard part! For me from a personal point of view I happily play with others but I belong to one Dom and made a promise to him long ago that means being a child baring slave for others is out of the CarloAntonio above said 'pesky human nature' does get in the way!

    However all this said I do believe that the suggestion Robin made relating to the tasks is very much the way to go and I have to say that finding names that fit the dominant role without being master/mistress is not easy

    In my time on SL I have seen many so called Dom's and they really have no's not just about the persona you show in public it's about how you are behind closed doors too and learning to be a good RP'er so that you can get this across to others in a way that makes them enjoy being with you is half the RP'er tasks that teach the essence of good RP sound perfect!



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