Friday, December 24, 2010

Well, did not work out...

against a common opinion, some of computers is really a sealed book for me, full of mysteries.
And then, curiosity kills the cat.

I started in SL with a "windows" machine, and after some trouble, and experiments, a friend convinced me one day and gave me a "ubuntu" box. I must say, it runs stable, nearly never crashes. It is often, that, on an occasional shut down a reminder plops up "do you wish to save File X? It is open since 192 hours..."

When i need new software, i have a "software manager" where i type in what i am looking for, and i get a bunde of options to chose from. The software comes via internet, for free, installs itself, and runs smoothly.. mostly

With one big exception: OpenShot. My favorite video editor. 

I had updated my ubuntu from 10.04 to 10.10, and wanted now to make the video for the seasons greetings. OpenShot did not start. Hmmm... I tried to poke and tweak here and there... and have spend almost 8 hours now, with deinstalling and installing - often just guessing what i am doing.

In the result, my login screen changed and some fonts (and i have no clue why that is so) - and all else is running fine (again)... but no video software :(  I will hve to consult my friend, but that can not take place during the christmas days. 

So stay tuned, the video will come, once the software is running.


  1. Video or not a verry merry Christmas to you, and thank you for all you have done and do.

    Marvin and his one lacey



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