Thursday, February 17, 2011

Get along with some points

So, i am back to being Ma'am. At the same time, some people have noticed also the change in my display name. And on top of this all, a RPer who calls himself dominant, abused his OOC powers to let the world know about his lack of RPing along facts, which he has put of course in a different light.

So, let me clear up a few things in OOC, that uncertainty does not increase more than needed:

  • I am collared and partnered to the same person. That is a private matter and not in any way carrying over to the Dark Den/PRG. The fact that i am collared, will not mirror in my actions as "Ma'am". Do not expect that.
  • I roleplay only for one reason. And that is, to enjoy the time i am RPing. For this, RP needs to be at least a bit authentic. As much as we can not simply TP out of prisons, or read minds, we also have to recognize facts that are given in a certain RP-environment. As example: when i am in Gor, i do not appear there in an easter-bunny costume. 
  • I roleplay being the dictator, leader of a regime, in a corrupt country. Legal rights do not really exist and my word is the law. If you think that unrealistic, try in RL to go to a similar country and debate with their leaders. Good luck with that.
  • If you then think you can at the PRG constantly call me belittling or ridiculing names, in public, bear with the consequences. And, if i give you around 3 chances to give in and correct your behavior, and you rather prefer to commit suicide then, be it. Just because you call yourself a dominant, or even just because you are a man, does not mean i will bow to you. 
  • Dominant men are welcome. I will not emasculate them or neuter them or whatever - as long as they leave me alone. If you want to "molest" me, do it in a convincing way. I am not a weak person that squirms and blushes and falls to her knees only because you call me names. That will rather earn you a pineapple in your butt. Best way, really is, to just treat me as an equal, then you have nothing to fear. I never harassed any dominant without reason. But all wannabes who tried to harass me, found it turning out not so well for them ICly.
For more questions, IM me inworld.

Thank you

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