Friday, February 11, 2011


I have been once with a guy who was also an admirer of Japanese samurai. So i got to read about a samurai called "Musashi". I can only rely on what the book told me, i am not an expert on this field at all. But according to the book, that warrior invented the style of fighting with two swords. And got famous, in his time, for it.
As fame grew, challenges did likewise. And one day he was faced a guy from a run down area of a city, who challenged Musashi for a fight. Musashi turned it down. His friends were shocked. "How can you turn it down? Do you not have to defend your honor?"
Musashi replied "I do not need to defend my honor with such a kind of guy. Because what will be the result if i win this fight, where we all know, that i will most likely win it? Another guy amongst his friends will try to do better. And then the next, and so on. I will be stuck in defending myself to such folks. Does it bring me any advantage? No. On the long run, i will be looked at as one of them. And so, even if i would win each single fight, i would have lost my reputation as honorable Samurai."

Right now, i have to observe a similar situation. Someone close to me tries to show his points of view, and the wrong doing of others. He does not hesitate to argue with them. And they simply do not accept his arguments. They call his reasoning an epic fail, disqualify him as sim manager, call his behavior "driving away".

Quite the attitude, of them. I wish, that would stop. Because those who right now claim themselves to be kind of the saviors of civil rights and freedom of information, who start their blog with a picture of themselves flying across SL like "superwoman", with a fitting claim in that picture...

... exactly those, would certainly want to have a look at this quote from another, well known book:
"Only he who is without sin should cast the first stone"

Nuff said.

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  1. Some people have a crusade which they must fight against. However in the case of RZ I think her cause is right. Only her methods are wrong.



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