Friday, May 20, 2011

Questions and Answers to the machinima and photography contest

Why do you want the movie or the pictures to be taking place (at least partly) in Nayeli?
Because we want them made for this contest. Not some old stuff that you recycle.

Can i rezz stuff for the movie or picture contest?
Autoreturn is set to two minutes, if you need more time, talk to us, we can arrange something.

Can i participate in both disciplines, machinima and picture?

Do i need to use a Mama Allpa HUD during the contest?
No. But in your movie description when you upload it, the sentence "Mama Allpa machinima contest" shall appear

I am an actress, an actor, do i get a prize too?
The contest jury will award the machinima as a whole and the prize will go to the creator of the machinima, to the person, that uploaded it. How you share then in the team, is not within our responsability.

Why can i not use music from the charts?
Because you do not have the copyright to do so. Copyright violations can be followed up in a most unpleasant way, and it will harm you, the creator of the movie. However, to avoid trouble, please refer to the numerous links with music sources and possible "Creative Commons" licensings, that you can use for your movie. And then you are even legal. How cool is that?

Can i submit multiple entries?

For further details, like deadline and other requirements, please refer to the contest rules. And please do not ask one of the jury members about their opinion of samples you made. The jury will decide and name the winners ,when the time has come. Not before.

Good luck all!

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