Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just a note of things how to NOT start a roleplay

I write this down, so i can copy and paste the link as reply.. and whoever wants to do likewise, feel free...

Example 1:
He: Hi YT, what is up? (or also: "what are you doing here?" "what brings you here?" "What are you up to?"
If you IM me, then do not ask me what is up or what i am up to. have a plan. Or at least a pretty good idea. Remember: you started the conversation, asking me then what is up, is pretty much pointless.

Example 2:
He: Hi, wanna have some fun?
No. I am in SL to bore my ass off. facepalm is the only answer i can give to that question, really.

Example 3:
He is not anywhere nearby me, not even on the same sim. But he had spend time with me in the past. And is now bored. So, he IMs me remotely "Hi, what are you doing?"...
Get this: it is roleplay! i am most of the times in character and NOT equipped with any wondermagic device or a cellphone IC. If you want to spend time with me, move your sexy self to where i live. YOu know where to find me. And a TP is as much effort as an IM.

To be continued as the need arises

1 comment:

  1. the "wanna have some fun" line is one that i find particularly frustrating... especially when i am in a 'FORCE PLAY" sim, wearing a "FORCE PLAY" capture skirt and with a profile that screams that i am interested in "FORCE PLAY"... one would maybe think that what i WANT is "FORCE PLAY" and not "a little fun".. but that's just me...



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