Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some days...

...i ask myself... where this will all lead to. Really.

Last week, someone rated my HUD 1 star. Ok, Happens. I am not amused and happy about it, but, hey, they are entitled to their opinion. I responded, Jarethe responded, the issue was eventually solved... and i get from a different client a 5-star rating. Made me happy and smile. And i find, 1 day after the 5-star rating? The 1-star rater having deleted hers and reposted it, just to stay on top of the list.
That is malice.
Today then i log in and find a Notecard, with somewhat "i have drama with my BF because i have set myself to pregnant, and he thinks now i am cheating on him". I expressed that i am sorry but that if there are trust issues in the relation, the HUD is not to be held responsible for it, one should rather look into the deeper cause, not blame a scripted gadget...
and am being called a dumb cow by that person, for it.

I have more of that. This is just, a bit over the top all.


  1. O_o seriously? They are blaming you for their actions? >.>

    Thats like me blaming you for me being broke and being too lazy to finish this dr who shirt I'm making.

  2. There's a saying that goes something like "If they're trying to kill you, then you're doing something right."

  3. i had one of the very first prototypes. my baby was born on Nayeli. There is nothing more sacred to me. the HUD is precious and no cruel words can ever change that fact. To me, there is no value in this review, no sanity. Let all know this, when my Ma'am went away on a trip She said to me: "I will leave behind something beautiful". She did just that too. Something beautiful indeed! butterfly



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