Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Inworld shopping vs. Marketplace

Sometimes, one finds really dedicated designers of fashion. They run a blog, have free  group gifts, list items in Marketplace, their inworld shop is of decent design, their stuff is of good quality, for a fair price. Last friday then i came across a blog entry of one of my favorite designers, that she closes her location.
While one can say on one hand, that this is business, i think, this is not a nice development. The designer mentioned above will now offer her items on the marketplace. Which is a shark pool.
The option, that clients can rate items was meant well, for sure. But what does one find more than often? Quality stuff rated poorly, like 1 star, because the buyer did not understand what they bought or just did not like the design how it was made, personally. Or, lets face it, just wanted to bitch. I myself have collected enough experiences of the bad sorts at Marketplace that i tend to not pay so much attention to the "stars" given to a product anymore.
I even found top notch freebie items, that received a 1 star rating.. with reasons like "the delivery failed". On a freebie, 0L$. Yes.
Today, i thought, when i look now for a new outfit, i will again go shopping inworld. It takes more time, yes. But well.. if i simply accept that soon all is on the marketplace, then i will soon miss the next good shop inworld... recognize the work, those creative people put in to make your experience in SL more colorful.. buy inworld.

Just my 2 cents

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