Thursday, November 10, 2011


Received a 1star rating, and followed it up...
the dialog stands for itself, i wil not comment on it further...

Me:: and why do you want your money back?
Customer: becaz i dont want to have a baby nomore becaz my hubby cheated
Customer: so now im returin all the baby stuff
Customer: ect
Me:: and.. uhm.. that is my fault how?
Me:: you know...
Me:: i am working hard, ...
Me:: and the HUD works
Me:: and you can get a baby with another man
Me:: whatever
Me:: but giving me 1 star is like,you blame me for your fate
Me:: is that fair?
Customer: well i dont want the item nomore
Me:: ok, but that is not my fault, you can delete it then, can you not?
Me:: i mean, i am providing here a service
Me:: and you can use it later or not
Customer: i was mad immma rate it but then i have to get my money back
Customer: no i dont want to use it later
Customer: becaz im gay now
Me:: and.. sorry.. but..
Me:: how is that my life?
Me:: i mean
Me:: i did sell you a HUD
Me:: and this is not a game, you bought something
Me:: can you go and buy a car in RL
Me:: drive with it
Me:: and give it back just so?
Customer: well yes if the owner of the car have a reason   not to drive it becaz the parner is not there nomore and now the onwer is gay
Customer: then she will want to refun the car


  1. that reasoning is wrong. Btw, you have a lesbian part to it too O_o she really didn't explore the hud.

  2. The argument posed by the customer is, to put it nicely, asinine. Returning any product, after use, due to life changes... If someone came to my business RL business, and gave that argument, I would have laughed in their face. Their wording, their inability to separate a product from personal drama, the obvious lack of life experience; This person sounds young, maybe not physically, but mentally. Maybe the next MA product , can be a maturity tester. Then we can be rid of the threat of possibly having to deal with, idiocy.

  3. YT, I love you! Thank you for brightening up my day with this story.



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