Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dark Den re-opened

Remember the times when DD was a smaller area with fast and short RP storylines? No meters? No big background story?
Since i have been asked, more than one time, to go back to that stage, i took half of the sim "Mama Allpa" and made a new draft for Dark Den, considering developments that took place in SL meanwhile, like RLV for example. The result is the new Dark Den, on the sim Mama Allpa.
DD 2011
Bst viewed with Firestorm due to the weather settings, but also a nice view in the standard viewers. "Victims" should have their Relay on "auto". No worries, you won't get trapped endlessly in simple RLV devices that strip you naked...
We developed something nicer: a RLV capture gun. Description here:
Also, the Roleplay certification is back! Description here:
Inspectors from former DD certifications can please IM me if they are interested to also be inspector in the new setting.

So, the setting is made, the visit is up to you :)

see you there!

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