Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cutting Edge

I have read it somewhere recently, and i can only agree:
In technology terms, Second Life is so far advanced, that "cutting edge" is nothing more than a silver lining at the horizon behind us.
Yes, agreed, it has imperfections and flaws. Yes, one can debate to no end about all of these.. but, try simply this, what you see now, with any other internet application:

This is a lifestyle magazine  about SL. If you still do not get it, why this is outstanding: It is a magazine  with pictures, and stories about a whole virtual world. The sole fact that there is such a publication, is already something that would put any other "social web blahblah" application into their places. The professionalism of the publication just adds to this, more.

It is published since years, by the way.


  1. What is the magazine called and where or how can I purchase it?

  2. It is free and available here:



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