Sunday, February 3, 2013


Look at this picture. It has been taken at Zindra, which is the assembly of "adult rated" continents, where Linden Lab themselves is the Estate Manager, another term for Zindra is "Adult Mainland".
The location i am showing, hosted at the moment where i took this picture 25 residents. And they are all not on the picture, obviously.
Because they are in a skybox.
I do not tell where i took the picture  I also do not tell what this place is about. Because instead of this place, i could have also picked out of 50 other locations. The thing i want to show is the same, on all of these: the "Point of interest" moves up high into the sky. And the ground level is deserted.
The land i am showing here, has been filled with residents until 8 months ago. And i am talking about the neighbors. They all had shops or meeting points.
And now, it is dead. Because the magnet that pulled the masses in, is gone into the sky. This is maybe not the only reason, but certainly a main reason.
And again, i do not blame these people for having moved into the sky with a skybox.

However, if everyone sits in a skybox, with high walls up, then soon everyone sits on an empty spot. This is much like the castles in medieval times. Everyone locked up behind thick walls, for their own comfort, and in fact by that being more vulnerable and less connected.

Side effects are, that it is almost impossible for me to find a reason to move to mainland, or to live there. Why? Because all my neighbors are hiding in the sky? What is the bonus there  Then i can get as well a private region, or rent a spot on a private region, and be there alone for myself as well.

What are your thoughts on this?


  1. Yes, I agree with you totally!
    I have never liked this skybox preference either. For me the main thing in SL is to connect and communicate with others. I may add that i also detest ban lines and security orbs. Yes I know , the griever problem exists but it stands in no proportion.
    Another point: SL has beautiful landscapes, water that looks so fresh and real...why then leave all that behind and move to isolation?

  2. I agree - I find it very frustrating when people are tucked away out of sight and out of reach. It destroys the "random social" element of SL that is so pleasing.



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