Sunday, May 26, 2013

Griefing and restrictions

In the last days, Mama Allpa, the products, the HUDs, the staff, my friends, have been under heavy pressure by one single person. This person came into my IMs, under various alts, starting with that since February 2013 (!). This person spammed the chat, in various ways this weekend for over 7 hours.

And, very malicious, this person buys products on the marketplace, and rates them 2 minutes later with 1 star, just for malicious intentions.
Now i have been asked by staff and clients, to restrict the chat groups in various ways.
For example: revoke the permission to chat and only give it to extra roles, where people are assigned after a check.
Or: close the open enrollment.

Both, i won't do. The reason is simple:
One single culprit puts pressure on a whole peaceful community, and as result, the community gets restricted. That would be the outcome. In this case, the griefer would have won. We would give up parts of our freedom. And the person would anyway continue with malicious behavior.

I strongly believe in freedom.

But, i need all your help in this case. When you see trolls, griefers, people who behave bad and disrupt the peace, do not hesitate to do these steps:
1. Go to "Help - Report Abuse" and file an Abuse Report
2. Mute/Block the person to isolate the attacker more. If everyone has the person muted, no one sees their acting and their vile words will go unheard.

If you see a bad rating on Marketplace which has been written only for malicious purpose, please do this:
1. Select the rating and "flag" it.
2. Add in the comment, if you like, your own opinion to the review.
3. Feel also free to rate the product yourself.

These hints are not restricted to Mama Allpa. They are valid for anything that people create in Second Life. SL is a community of people who are creative and love freedom. Malicious, vile behavior should have no place in here and needs to be removed with its root.

Please keep this all in mind when you see/encounter people who behave clearly in a bad way.

You can make the difference.
Do not look away!
It is also your freedom!

Thank you!


  1. good advice, and I totally agree, grieffers do nothing but ruin the sl experience for all, I personally would name and shame but that in itself could be classed as grieffing, so best just to AR and let LL deal with them
    p.s. i'm only anonymous as I don't know how to do this lol, but my sl name is " Stacie Rage"

  2. Amen to that. Sound advice. These people just ruin stuff for those who are here to work hard and have fun. AR is your friend :-)

  3. You handle this very maturely and should take comfort in the fact that the support for your product and community is overwhelming :D Simply because, it is flawless! I will be sure to write a review later today.



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