Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Script warning hogs

Today i was on one of my regions to get spammed with this:

[13:25] SWA Memory Hog v3: 
== You are generating SIM LAG ==
==      Scripted Attachments ==
==            Below 7.0 MB       ==

YT Recreant, You are having a impact on the sims performance, please reduce your scripted attactments as we would like to reduce Sim lag for everyone to enjoy themselves.

To help us, look into obtaining resizable hair and other attachments which utilise todays high performance scripting routines. Contact the creator(s) and request they upgrade

You are running an amazing 664 scripts and may cause lag in sims.

Total memory consumed by your attachments is: 16.9 Megabytes.

I was like "uhm. cool" and slapped on 2 more HUDs.

I am tired of explaining why mono scripts and lag are really difficult to measure. And i am fascinated how many people really put up such crap at their regions, not realizing that exactly this drives people away. regularly those regions are then also the empty regions.

However, i was then addressing the person who placed it and asked kindly to remove the script warner again. My finger was on the "object return button" :)

And for all of you:
these script measurement tools are misleading and will only cost your traffic, if you run them on your land. Why that is so? you will need to read up about "mono" as structure for the lsl scripts and how what is executed where. it is a very long topic. and, of course, open to misinterpretations. Lag however, is seldom caused by scriptload.
Just don't do it.

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  1. so very smart :) thank you for demystifying SL



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