Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No profile

The current RLV settings that i am in, hide the names of people around me. That entails not only that i do not read their names when they chat or as floater above their head, but also, that i can not right click-> profile on them.
Unless they IM me, i have no chance to learn, who is talking to me in chat. And i can not initiate an IM with right click -> IM either. I have to wait until they IM me. And since i do not know their names until then, i can also not run a search for their name and IM them then.
So, since i can not read their profiles, i can not assume. Which is the total opposite of what i myself was always teaching to people "write profiles, read profiles".
This leads to sometimes interesting encounters. It is a new way of getting to know people. One relies more on their appearance. And on how they actually start a talk. And they might maybe have an idea, about me, when they read my profile, but to me, they are a clean blank sheet of paper. The area where i am (Nayeli) draws in people who never have been at Dark Den, and their RP skills vary greatly.
Some start off good. Some not so good. Some start to talk like "Hi YT, nice sim"... which still makes me cringe.  I am then suddenly busy or whatever.
The "entry condition" is lower than at DD, more than the MA HUD they do not need to bring, as equipment. Still, of course, some are ignorant about that... and find me then equally ignorant. Some are ignorant about the "tolerance" bit in the land description and want to evangelize me with "equal rights, collars are wrong..." ... uhm.... i can get again suddenly very busy.
But, most of the folks are nice, open and friendly.

Profiles are still important to me, for example from friends. They sometimes are a bit like a newspaper. People publish in their profile what they experienced, and what was so important to them that it is worth mentioned there.

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