Monday, November 29, 2010


Windlight set to Bree's Appleblosssom (click to enlarge)
While all viewers in SL support meanwhile the so called "windlight", Phoenix users were, as usual, a bit pampered more here. Via a small button in the lower right corner, they are able, to pick from a rich bunch of presets.

Windlight is rendered in the viewer, not serverside. The downside here is, that each viewer can have an individual windlight setting, which makes it difficult for sim owners, to have the similar experience for all guests, regarding atmoshpere/feeling.

Now, it seems, that Phoenix again goes one step further:
Windlight setting in the land description
If one enters in the land description the recommended windlight settings (see picture above), then the viewer of the visitor produces an additional icon:
Sun&Cloud=the windlight icon
Clicking this icon in the viewer, the guest gets their viewer set to, what the sim owner recommends.

Good job, Phoenix team!

(Tested under Phoenix beta, not the release version as of yet).

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