Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I buy every now and then stuff at the SL marketplace. Since often i just decide, "how often will i need this?" and "am i really in the mood to script that?"...
if the answer is "often" and "no" - i buy.
Often, my buys are good ones. Sometimes, tho, i am plain disappointed when i unpack what i bought.

Today, i decided to rate what i bought over the past month. The good items, was easy.
The not so good items, well, what to do?
Somehow, i refuse to give a 1-star rating, unless the item is really crap.
I recall, we all started building and scripting once, and those creators maybe still learn. Should one discourage them with an obvious "hey, this is crap what you made?"

I do not think so.

I will IM them and tell them in detail what i found not so nice.

Maybe that will help them more than being exposed to the public with a one-star-rating.

1 comment:

  1. I think that giving a reason for ratings is always a good idea, whether the rating is poor or excellent. Great ideas often piggyback on previous ideas!



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