Thursday, December 9, 2010


accidentally i came across some videos, that introduced the "World of Warcraft" -"Cataclysm" as something revolutionary to online worlds... new design, etc...
As builder and landscaper, i was of course curious to see what they do... 
and i must say... i am happy to be in SL. What they introduce as "new" are builds, where the tools in SL to do them are available already since years. And gifted builders know how to use them...
we would not even need to wait for meshes to beat the appearance of WoW-areas with SL sims, and we would win that, with flying colors...


WoW screenshot
This shows a village in the new environment... and i could add 20 more screenshots, of other areas, they show all the same building quality: builds, partly with glow or semi transparence, the sky pimped up with what we call windlight (i do not know if there is a WoW term).
What do i miss? This is nothing that we can not build. We can, and even better. And the major difference is: in SL we can. in WoW, one has to use what is provided.
I do not get the whole discussion about "SL had its hype..." In some weird blogs people say stuff like twitter or facebook is what follows SL... uhm, not really?

It is time, for the SL community, to boost the marketing. Write in blogs, as guest comment, add screenshots, describe what you can do in SL.. and let others envy your options... and add the link to the SL registration page :)

This, we can do better! Go and tell and show!


  1. As many times as i crash and log back in over and over and over.........

    I have not found a place better for 3D online environment.

  2. sl = free to the average user

    WoW = 15/mo to the average user

    hum....XD guess why i play sl. I spend when I WANT not to use the program

  3. When you are in a game where lag is a major factor, ie, a lot of running and moving and fighting, the same textures are used over and over again to keep you from having to load multiple textures, increasing lag. That's why in video games, when you load into a new area, it likely looks different from the one you left-you are loading a new set of textures, that are repeated often and tweaked in minor glow/transparent ways, to give the appearance of different than actually being different. It doesn't matter as much in SL because a second doesn't matter so much-in a fighting game, those seconds pile up quickly, lagging out the player and causing you to lose :)



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