Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Solved: For Fun and Giggles: Sim hunt - and you can win cash even!

The S-URL to this place is http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Insel%20der%20Information/131/26/23

The keyword "library" in search would have brought you there pretty fast :)

For a new location in the sim hunt watch this blog.

Ok, something new came to my mind today. I can travel through SL and write down locations with S-URL into this blog. Like so many travelblogs do. However, i will now do something differently. I will visit locations, take pictures, and then you have to find out, where it is, exactly.
The focus here is on the fun. Your effort will be rewarded by yourself, discovering SL. And, well, a small compensation. The first one naming the right location as comment to this blog, gets 100 L$. Cash is not the main motivation, hence, "only" 100 L$.
If a location has not been found out by you, dear readers, within 7 days, i wil write the location as comment, then the 100 L$ for said place are lost, of course.

Nuff said, here comes our first target:
This handsome guy is named Aristoteles
He is not alone :)
The building has been setup approx. 2008
The interior is .. "functional" .. coughs
Very.. functional
It is one of those attempts of RL institutions to just go to SL because "everyone does".. and then they missed to add some value to their presence. Traffic is like 0, or below 100 points, means, at the day at least, where i have been there, all in all less than 100 minutes someone has been on that island in the past 24 hours. That is.. dead.

tons of "books"....
Like these bookshelfs... really a lot of them here, and not one e-magazine or something like that. Just pretty prims, empty.
But ok, i found some stuff, scripted, that added value... like:
old books that turn pages on click
Such, one would normally only see behind thick glass in a museum. Here, at least, one can read through the pages, provided, one can read those letters...
Also, events still seem to take place here...
The event calendar shows an event from May 24 2011
Hmm, funny....
The same picnic blanket as in the Duran Duran sim... 
So, these were the hints for this "hunt"...
Which sim is this?

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