Monday, July 4, 2011

Travelling SL - Duran Duran Universe

Google News can be a neat thing. I have set a filter to get News related to "Second Life" or "Linden Lab" and other keywords. So, one day, a headline caught my eye, about the music group Duran Duran, going to SL. The complete news is here. Today then, having some spare time, i decided to pay a visit to said location, and there we go...
four sims are currently the DDU - Duran Duran Universe
I have spend 2 hours, taking my time, exploring this and that corner, and found it, all in all, quite enjoyable. Some impressions of the trip:
Walk over the red carpet
If you ever wanted to feel like a celebrity, the red carpet is there, right for you. With yellow press.
Some spots reveal what they do only when you "hop onto that poseball" or get close to the scripted item. So, it is essential, that you really walk and click and try and explore. If you fly, or walk through in a rush, you will miss out on many details.
Some of the architecture is nice. Like the cinema.
Inside the cinema
A small downside is, that there is some decoration without any value to the installation. Examples:
Picnic without sit-option (the fruit plate says "Fruits of Gor" btw :) )
High Prim chairs without any sit animation inside
But these are really minor points. Overall, the installation is fun to explore...
Find something hidden
Mix some music
Or play some on the band equipment
There is a lot more to see, but, well, go, check yourself?

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