Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sim Hunt - in the .. hospital?



Today we are visiting a sim where the owner is known for the toys that come from there, mostly D/s related. On arrival, one lands in the shop. And since these items are really very easy to identify, i do not take  a screenshot from there, but walked outside the store, up the road...

click to enlarge (goes for all pictures here)
and it is a loooong road....

the road is followed by a loooong stairway.. although there is also a lift

Well, it is labeled "for difficult patients" - and even tho i give sometimes those close to me some headache, i am not that difficult.. so i walk...

at the top of the stairway...
lets take a break and have a smoke, for the condition. and it is a hospital, so, what can happen?

The building is very well done, really. It has no "toys" inside tho, but, the design is worth a visit nonetheless.  I do not know, when exactly it was made. I found it myself only last year, but friends told me it is much older.

You do NOT want to know what is inside the refrigerator. I recommend by the way, to have speakers on, for the sound effects. They are not "shocking" but add nicely to the mood.
Watch for the details, they are well made. Here the shadows and the skull, for example.

I did not do that!

Should i book a bed here for the night?

But be careful and mind your step!

There is so much to see....

So what is the name of this sim, that is adult rated, that sells in its shop toys to "torture the submissive slave" - so they say...

As always, the first correct answer gets 100 L$ :)

If you know the place, comment the solution in here, this blog, with the "comment" function.

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