Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It is time for some history again

I digged in my collection of old pictures and here are examples of what i found:

my first day in SL back in August 2007
The location still exists!

I had a skybox at this time...
September 2007
And, i have of course no idea what these cages in the back have been good for...

Above the skybox, i raised then another one, for public access:

Dark Den, December 2007, the first version!
That location is now better known as PRG. The sim "Glint" i have sold this year.

Spring 2008. a view with "sources", the name tags of the bystanders are blurred for their privacy :)
The above picture shows the view into the opposite direction. However, i liked to build, so we went on with the Dark Den...

Spring 2008
This was the first biger change, not quite a rebuild. And it is still not sure, who really shot this slave, we named him "strapon", he did not last long.

More to come... 

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