Thursday, September 13, 2012

And again rating on Marketplace

It seems to be a new trend, that some customers rather rate on marketplace than contacting the creator directly. Now i had on September 5 a rating of 1 star because a HUD was not delivered. And yes, it is stated in my profile what to do in case of non deliveries. And yes, LL removes such ratings upon request.
However, i checked the account, was not even one month old, so i took my time and explained politely the cause. And replaced the item. In the aftermath, i realized, that the replaced item was accepted, the rating was removed, but i never got any response. Not even a "Thank you" - nothing. Just silence.
OK, happens. Today then i receive an IM from said person. That the item does not work. It arrived when i was sleeping.
When i woke up, i tried to IM the customer. Nothing. No response. But, again a 1 star rating. Which has been placed even before i was IMed. Calling my HUD "shit".

Some people....

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