Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I must have been totally nuts...

...to seriously doing it: taking back the PRG. (if you do not know what PRG or Dark Den is/was, skip reading).

The human being is prone to fall for own wishes, projecting them onto others and then assuming, they want that too. I do that often, really. I wanted to bring back the Dark Den. and assumed, others wanted it too.
And maybe they wanted it. But, to their terms. Which is just normal. They have expectations, wishes, hopes too. Those do not have to match. In case of the PRG, they certainly did not.
Damage came with it. Disappointments too. On my side, but i am sure, also on the side of others. The only person i really feel sorry for is Gera. But look, Gera, maybe we will start something new, someplace? ok?

It was a blast.
Thank you.

I am very sad.


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