Monday, April 1, 2013

What is a speciesist?

Some mornings, one wakes up to find this:

[1:27] Anonymized Troll: i'd like a good damn explanation as to why you didn't include other species other than human and neko baby
[1:28] Anonymized Troll: because i'm pissed that you did not include other species into the giving birth part it's 0 excuse that you did not add any of the other species
[1:29] Anonymized Troll: especially for other species like dragons furries and others as i have a right to know dude because it's no excuse that you fully disregarded other species ya species racist
[1:30] Anonymized Troll: it's why i'd suggest fixing the HUD and rescripting it to add other species not just humans and nekos
[1:30] Anonymized Troll: ya inflated ego bastard
[1:38] Anonymized Troll: my problem is that no other species was covered in the giving birth area of your HUD it's no excuse that you completely did not add the other species

I reply via E-Mail to IM from offline:
mind your tone and attitude, and you may get a response. to this, i won't.

[7:16] Anonymized Troll: that's your fault for not like you know including other species
[7:17] Anonymized Troll: into the giving birth
[7:17] Anonymized Troll: it's not my fault for someone who didn't get the other species into you know a Mama Allpa HUD
[7:17] Anonymized Troll: for like giving birth

I reply again via E-Mail to IM from offline:
mind your tone and attitude, and you may get a response. to this, i won't.

[7:19] Anonymized Troll: it's your responsibility to include all species for giving birth on the HUD which you failed to do so only including humans and nekos
[7:20] Anonymized Troll: well i'
[7:20] Anonymized Troll: well i'm telling the truth on how irresponsible you are with your HUD
[7:21] Anonymized Troll: if you can't be Equal towards every species in SL because sadly you should be more open to furries and scalies in giving birth not just humans and nekos
[7:22] Anonymized Troll: i'm just standing up for all of the species that you didn't include in the giving birth part of the HUD

I reply again via E-Mail to IM from offline:
ok, since you are obviously not familiar with he HUD:
If you go to HUD - Assistant - Groups - You can set the pregnancy settings to 9 different mammal forms. Further on, you can also detail the pregnancy settings  if *your* species  is not there, with HUD - Setup _ Detailed. There, you can tweak about everything. This is as far as the RP suport of pregnancy settings goes. Stuffing primbabbies for any possible species into the HUD, would not make any sense. But you can at any time chose a delivery bed (there are, in SL, indeed), fill it with the primbaby of your choice (there are, indeed  too), and then deliver with that bed, in cooperation with the HUD. The HUD does the conceiving part and the assistance through the pregnancy, the delivery bed then the rest.
Now drop your accusing tone, because, its boring, and i will definatly not reply anymore if you are not starting to be nice now. I sell HUDs, not my dignity. are we clear here now?

[7:32] Anonymized Troll: hey just because i'm a furry doesn't give you a right to accuse someone like me as you have nothing more than a nasty attitude
[7:33] Anonymized Troll: it's you who doesn't belong in SL

I will share the name upon request with staff. 

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