Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another AFK IM

The Dark Den, People's Republic of Glint is an area where forced aspects, like kidnap and slavery are RPed out. The area is adult flagged.
I return from a RL break and read this in my IM (names changed for privacy reasons of course):

[03:15:53]  John Doe: is this person in your group
[03:16:09]  John Doe: for dark den
[03:16:32]  John Doe: Jane Doe
[03:21:25]  John Doe: just to let you know im reporting them for this offence [03:07]  -JB- Evil Titler: Jane Doe set John Doe's title to... 'Registered Sex Offender'

I would say, dear John Doe, if you can not stand the heat, do not go into the kitchen... And titlers suck anyway. And no one forces you to wear such a crap.

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