Monday, October 4, 2010

Just never log out...

...yesterday, i did that, logging out. When i returned, logged in, i was a cloud. Soooo, i tried all what is commonly done:
  • cleared cache
  • deleted files of where the cache is stored
  • set my graphic settings to very basic
  • trying to load the "female test avatar" from the advanced menu
  • restarted the sim i was at
  • reduced draw distance
  • removed attachments
  • TPed to an empty Linden Sim

What helped was, switching to Viewer 2. With all the hassle that brings. It keeps loading a setting from spring this year, because that was when i first tried that viewer. But, after maybe 2 minutes, all of my equipment was loaded.
Then i was able to relog with whatever viewer i wanted, the "cloud" or "ruth problem" was fixed.

Oh, and btw....
normally i can call the concierge service, live chat....

but they were not available again.

Don't we love that?


  1. yeah i had to log into viewer 2 to fix this too. I personally don't see phoenix as good as emerald. Its a copy, but not a good enough copy....but i still love the features. I'm screwed XD

  2. I have had a problem with Phoenix's "HTTP Get Textures" setting and turned it off. When I did the problems cleared up.

    The problems have been of two kinds - one where textures load oddly if at all - and you end up with things that look like lower body textures applied to the upper body or vice versa. The other was where the frame rate drops to about 1 per 10 seconds or so - i think it is connected to texture loading too but can't prove it.




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