Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The new SL market place

"We are thrilled to announce..." it reads on their blog.

Yeah, me too. So thrilled that i get cold shivers down my spine. Some of the highlights i experienced so far:

  • I translated in the old xstreet most of my product descriptions to all available languages. The translations are gone
  • I update my products regularly, these updates carry their version in the product name, like "HUD V2.09". That does not fly with the new marketplace anymore. If i update the item in the market-place server, my sales history, as well as the ranking etc. is lost. So, clients get the old HUD delivered and then instantly the update from my server.
  • The rating itself is hilarious. If jealous competitors want to drag one down, they simply buy one of those side products that do not sell that often, and rate it with 1 star. The rating is anonymous (why at all?) and unlike on xstreet, it shows from the first rating onwards. So, a competitor could also just regularly scan for new items, buy them as soon as they appear, rate them with 1 star then. Here i would wish that i can see who rated me. In the case that my client is really not happy, i can then try to change that, and make an unhappy client a happy client.
  • the e-mail notification reads: "John Doe purchased one item from you as part of Order 1122334455, item on the Second Life marketplace"... errr, oook. Where else should they have bought it when i get an e-mail notification about a sale from LL? On Mars? But the more important question is: which item did they buy? Is not in the e-mail header, so one has to read the mail.
There are good sides too. I like the idea of a cart that one can fill and then purchase all in one go. That i tried as client already several times and it is easier than earlier. Also the product presentation, website layout, is quite cool, more modern than the old xstreet.

So, i hope, the above mentioned topics are just toothing pains.

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