Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The superpower

For a given reason, i want to clarify something for those who so happen to find themselves in a Roleplay with me:
All what happens in chat, is "In Character". You are then talking to alley cat. Alley cat is, as character, not in any way more or less privileged than you are. Alley cat sticks her nose into things which are preferably none of her business and tries to tease and provoke people. And it is expected that you react then as if that would be any other person, doing the same with you.
In chat, IC, you will not experience that i pull OOC powers. there is simply no reason to do so.
Exception: if you are getting suddenly OOC - nasty towards me, taking the IC conflict into OOC , either by ((double brackets)) or IM, i will simply mute you until you cooled down.
In IM, you are always, not only with me, but with everyone, usually, OOC, Out of Character. In IM; you can discuss stuff with me like your land rental or griefer issues etc. In IM you talk in this case to the owner of the sims you are RPing at (if you are at the PRG). In IM, all rules you learned in your RL, about politeness and courtesy apply. In short: in IM we are respectful. If not, i will not hesitate to react with OOC options as well.

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