Saturday, October 2, 2010

The fun of being a creator

This happened while i was afk/idling:

[2010-10-02 03:52:34]  xxx xxx: hi yt .. i just bought the MA hud  but didnt recieve it !
[2010-10-02 03:59:32]  xxx xxx: well then dont answer .. i just payed double to recieve your fucking alpha mama hud .; what a rip of to get a good thing
[2010-10-02 03:59:54]  xxx xxx: if you wanna earn that much then just double the price of your stuff ok ???
[2010-10-02 04:03:46]  xxx xxx: its not bout the 249L$ ..  its the principe .; you own a bussines .. take care for your clients .; dont ignore them !  thats a fair policy right ?

I wonder, what is the perception of those people? Do they really expect someone is eager after such assaults to look closer into things? No idea.


  1. O_o they get mad after a few mins???? and you have an autoresponse that says you may not be there.

  2. Have been lucky, few times have had problems my customers have all been very understanding and patient.

  3. Most, really, the majority, are understanding and patient. It is just a very few, i would say less than 1% that behaves this way. and then i wonder, do they do that only here in SL? or are they that way iRL too?



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