Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Boredom paired with a semi God complex

Sometimes, people have different opinions. It happens all the time in daily life. Sometimes, people even fight about different points of view. But what i seldom observe, fortunately, is, that when someone lashes out to all sides, tries to damage former friends, puts effort into being vile, just because, ...

well why?

Are they bored?



The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind....

Anyway, what i am talking about, you will see when i add two screenshots:

On  a second thought, i have modified this blog post. I would enter that level. And the saying goes: if you go mudwrestling with a pig, both get dirty, the pig and you. But the pig enjoys it.

So, dear former MA doctor: i will not publish the screenshot that reveals you being an alt who had put a bad rating on the F-HUD, as D. But you know, i am aware. And maybe you will learn from this, that others, who are using the same tools like i do, know as well. Your secret is revealed, you can stop being mean, it is no fun anyway not for you, not for anyone involved. Stop poisoning your own heart. 

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