Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ignored and cornered

When i think, that something would not work, and that it will fail, i have, in my opinion, valid reasons for that. When i am asked, i will tell my opinion. It is then the choice of the one who asked me, whether to consider my opinion - or not.

This time, it did get not considered. It will lead to installing something i do not want, never wanted, makes things more complicated, delivers reasons for excuses, messes things up and will lead to just more frustration. Bureaucracy is a fitting term for it.

Now, since my opinion was "understood" but ignored, what choice do i have? I can refuse to participate, the idea has been sold already to a group of people who are all in for it. Then i am the outsider. The stubborn one. The one who refuses to cooperate.

Or i cooperate. Swallow it. Install and live with something i really am not convinced of.

Choices choices choices.

Thank you.

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